CIT Trad Society presents - Lucia Mac Partlin and Maria Ryan

CIT Trad Society presents - Lucia Mac Partlin and Maria Ryan

Date: 13th December 2018
Time: 13:45
Venue: Room 412

Lucia and Maria (Lucia Mac Partlin and Maria Ryan)

CIT CSM // Thursday 13 December at 13:45


Lucia Mac Partlin and Maria Ryan are both twenty five year old violinists from Tipperary and Limerick. While they both have been studying classical music on the violin from an early age, they have also studied and been immersed deeply in traditional Irish music. They met while studying and living together in Cork and quickly realised their shared passion for folk music and began performing as a fiddle duet.

Throughout their time studying in Cork they also formed the band 'Strung' with two other musicians and since have recorded an album and toured extensively with the band. ‘Strung' is a contemporary Irish music ensemble that creates their own original music and arrangements, taking influence from many different genres of music but still staying true to their traditional Irish music roots.

Lucia and Maria both completed their Masters at The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2017 and have recently recorded a Live Duet Album entitled “Lucia and Maria, Live at the Chapel”. This album was recorded at Griffith College Chapel in Cork City, and is now available for purchase on their website:

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