England: A Play Written for a Gallery by Gaitkrash Theatre

England: A Play Written for a Gallery by Gaitkrash Theatre

Date: 14th Jun 2018 - 22nd Jun 2018
Time: 14 - 17 & 21 - 1pm /15 & 22*: 6pm & 16 3.30pm
Venue: Crawford Art Gallery
Cost:€€12/€16 (+€1)

Wishing every one the best of luck with this performance as part of Cork Midsummer 2018.

Art, Love, Death and Money all meet in Tim Crouch’s ENGLAND,
A Play Written for a Gallery. Presented by GAITKRASH featuring
sound artist Mick O’Shea (Cork RTC /CIT alumni) and actors Regina Crowley (CIT CSM Lecture) and Frank Prendergast (CIT alumni).

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Take a guided tour through a gallery space as questions begin to
arise. Are the two guides speaking about the same life? Are they two
separate people or two voices of one person?

A witty and satirical play about compassion and ruthlessness, about
actions and their unimagined consequences. Like the human heart,
beating with desires, fears, uncertainties, crises, self-deception, and
- of course - its value on the international market. 

Supported by an Arts Council Theatre Project Award, CIT Arts Office, Cork Midsummer Festival and Crawford Art Gallery

(text from Cork Misummer website)

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