Date: 1st Feb 2018 - 16th Feb 2018
Time: 11-5pm Mon - Fri
Venue: James Barry Exhibition Centre


James McCloskey
1-16 Feb // James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT


This exhibition includes two distinct but related groupsof paintings.


The first body of work looks at the subject of homelessness, in an attempt to explore the psychological aspects of being homeless. Through considering the related subjects of addiction, marginalisation, isolation and how homelessness is perceived by society, the artist seeks to provide an insight into cultural attitudes surrounding the fear of being without a home. The work presented draws on Sigmund Freud’s conception of the mind as an iceberg, with the unconscious being the largest and most submerged section of the mind. This work plays with the notion of hidden ideas surfacing and being expressed. The work also explores Carl Jung’s theories regarding the Persona and the Shadow-self, those aspects of the self which we show to the world, and those aspects which we repress. Ultimately this series aims to deal with feelings of anxiety and depression. It considers how our refusal to address such painful experiences is mirrored in how as a society, we choose to ignore those who do not fit in, or those who have no home.”

- James McCloskey, May 2017

Also included in the exhibition is a new body of works developed since completing the BA programme.

“This work seeks to unveil the ignored exportation of exploitation, the dehumanisation of people all over the globe, and the consumer greed that drives it all. It looks at the source of blood metals, the slavery necessary in their extraction, and the suicide-inducing work camp factories, that act as a means to transfigure violence, death and despair, into clean and easy to look at products: ‘worthless people’ used to make luxury products.”

- James McCloskey, January 2018


The CIT Registrar’s Prize, awarded annually at the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design Fine Art & Contemporary Applied Art Degree Show, is selected by the CIT Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Prize includes the acquisition of a work for the CIT Art Collection, and a solo exhibition in the James Barry Exhibition Centre supported by CIT’s Arts Office.

This artist’s work addresses difficult societal issues
including marginalisation, homelessness, and
exploitation, issues that have a particular resonance
with many students, and presents them in a way that
challenges assumptions and provokes necessary

- Dr. Barry O’Connor, then Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs and now President of CIT, selecting James McCloskey for the 2017 Prize.


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