CIT CSM Specialised Pop Performance Concert Series

CIT CSM Specialised Pop Performance Concert Series

Date: 8th Jan 2018 - 12th Jan 2018
Time: Check Poster for times
Venue: Rory Gallagher Theatre

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These are assessed performances as part of the "Specialised Pop Performance" Module, where a final year student specialising in one instrument is accompanied by a full band made up from students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year in the BAPM course. That student selects and aranges the set list.

Below is the schedule, showing the lead performer, their specialisation, and start time. All performances are free, and take place in the Rory Gallagher Theatre, in D-Block, CIT Bishopstown Campus.


Links to all concert recordings

Joe Keniry  / DRUMS / 1:00pm Monday


Adhamh O Leary / DRUMS / 2:30pm Monday


Aaron O Sullivan / GUITAR / 1:00pm Tuesday


Brian Dunlea / BASS / 2:30pm Tuesday


James O'Sullivan/ 8:30pm Tuesday


Hannah Fitzgerald / KEYS / 1:00pm Wednesday


Ruth Brosnan/ VOICE / 7:15pm Wednesday

Emma Daly / VOICE / 1:00pm Thursday


Clelia Rossi / VOICE / 2:30pm Thursday


Eva Clague / VOICE / 7:00pm Thursday


Roisin Kilgannon / VOICE / 8:30pm Thursday


Alison Ronayne / VOICE / 1:00pm Friday


Julianne Harrington / VOICE / 2:30pm Friday




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