Future Marginalia

Future Marginalia

Date: 7th Dec 2017 - 21st Dec 2017
Time: Mon-Wed 10am-6pm Thu 10am-9pm Fri & Sat 10am-5pm
Venue: The Gallery // 46 Grand Parade

Future Marginalia

the graduating exhibition of the MA: Art & Process students of Crawford College of Art and Design,

explores the radical counter-knowledges that exist in our culture today. Within this context, individual practices are connected by a shared interest in what happens in the margins or on the edges of structures of knowledge, counter-knowledges that can predict and speculate on futures and possible emergent subjectivities.
The exhibition is accompanied by a programme of public events, run by the MA:AP students, that will explore the underling themes and ideas of ‘Future Marginalia’ and their crossover with individual practices and processes, including the panel discussion called ‘Notes From The Margins’ in the Grand Parade Building on 9 December at 2pm.

Opening Hours
Mon-Wed 10am-6pm
Thu 10am-9pm
Fri & Sat 10am-5pm

Please Note: This exhibition is closed to the public Sundays and on December 12th and opens at 2pm on 13th 2017.

Deirdre Buckley Cairns
Daniel Corkery
Lesley Cox
Lynn-Marie Dennehy
Tom Doig
Tony Hayes
Emma Healy
Nicola Kelly
John Kent
Winnie Kurzke
Patricia Pachova

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