CIT Crawford MA:AP - Found In the Place of Origin

CIT Crawford MA:AP - Found In the Place of Origin

Date: 24th Nov 2016 - 8th Dec 2016
Time: MON - FRI: 10 - 6 SAT - SUN: 12- 6
Venue: MA:AP Studios, Sullivan's Quay (pre 2017 venue)

Found in the Place of Origin
25th November - 9th December
Crawford Sullivan’s Quay Campus
3rd Floor MA:AP Studios

Opening reception: Thursday 24th November, 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition open hours:
MON - FRI: 10 - 6
SAT - SUN: 12- 6

Found in the Place of Origin is the culmination of the Masters in Art and Process course at Crawford College of Art and Design C.I.T. This exhibition showcases art by the MA:AP 2016 students, who come from different creative backgrounds and work across different mediums. The publication accompanying the exhibition will feature a newly commissioned text by Dr Sarah Hayden, poet, critic and lecturer at the University of Southampton. The show will be opened from 6pm on the 24th of November by Kevin Callaghan, a Cork-based ceramicist and arts practitioner. The public are invited to come along to the opening MA:AP reception for a glass of wine and edible clay hors d'oeuvres. This reception will directly follow the Glucksman's launch of Gut Instinct: Art, Food and Feeling, an exhibition curated by Fiona Kearney, Director of the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, and Prof. John Cyran of UCC.

The exhibition will run from November 25th to December 9th. There will also be a series of events organised by the students that include discussions, screenings and online interactions. These events explore the collaborations and crossovers that feed into the exhibition and the array of ideas underpinning it.

MA:AP is an intensive year long programme that enables students to investigate, develop and position their art practice, offering city centre studio space, innovative approaches to teaching, and professional experience through collaborative projects.

Found in the Place of Origin will be the last MA:AP exhibition to be held in the soon-to-be demolished former FÁS building on Sullivan’s Quay which has been a vibrant hub of artistic activity in Cork city centre for the past number of years.

The exhibition title Found in the Place of Origin comes from a definition of residual clay. Like the organic material of clay, each artist’s individual work emerged from a combined experience of shared time and space. The exhibition is a beginning rather than an end, and marks the start of a new phase in the students’ artistic practices. This is why the students came to align themselves with clay as a series of residual deposits that collectively form a new entity.

The concurrent event series, Removed from the Place of Origin, references sedimentary clay that has drifted, been transported, enriched by other material and deposited in new places and in new forms. These interactions with selected audiences reflect the diverse range of dialogues and concerns that inform the works in the show.

Please visit the MA:AP Facebook page for full information on these events.

For day to day insights into Found in the Place of Origin, follow us on instagram: crawfordmaap_2016

Exhibition closed:
30th November: 10am - 2pm
6th and 7th December (all day)

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