TOMATOES comes to Cork

TOMATOES comes to Cork

Date: 14th September 2016
Time: 8pm Wed 14th Sept
Venue: NON MTU VENUE* read notes for details


Join (ALSA Productions) at Sample-Studios (Auditorium 3rd Floor) WEDNESDAY 14TH @ 8pm where we will be holding a showing of our new play TOMATOES followed by a short Q&A afterwards.

We are just back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where we presented it as our debut production. We would be delighted to share this piece with you all and have a chat afterwards both about the piece and about our experience in Edinburgh.

TOMATOES is written and performed by Eimear Sheehy.

About: Laur has been working in the thriving fruit and veg industry for four years but recently she has been feeling that she has got more to give. Family businesses are being hit hard by the recession and Laur’s world is beginning to shrivel around her. Until now, Laur’s humour and sunny nature have kept her sane (pretty much!) but she suddenly begins to feel trapped. Will she nurture her ambition and find a way out, or will she be left to rot in this small shop, having the same conversations with the same eccentric customers every day?

ADMISSION FREE but if you do enjoy the show and would like to leave a small donation, we will be more than happy to provide the hat.

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