Art Textile 2016-18  // Level 8  Part-Time Course over 2 years

Art Textile 2016-18 // Level 8 Part-Time Course over 2 years

Date: 1st Jul 2016 - 1st Aug 2016
Time: Apply Now for August Interviews.
Venue: MTU CCAD Sharman Crawford St Campus


ART TEXTILE 2016---a very exciting year planned with a major textiles exchange project with Vilnius University, Lithuania and Tartu Art College, Estonia!

Join our challenging ART TEXTILE group and see your work exhibited across Eastern Europe! Apply now for August interviews!


You might also be interested in our new fulltime Degree Course in B(Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts: Ceramics/Glass/Textiles.   Apply for Year 1 through CAO, Course Code CR 210—deadline 1 February! Or, if you have a Level 6 in any of the technical areas of Ceramics/Glass/Textiles–we will be offering Direct Entry to Year 2!  

Cork is alive with textiles interest and textiles excellence. The Crawford College of Art and Design is recognising and accommodating the demand for third-level education in textiles with a part-time Level 8 Special Purpose Award:  Art Textile. Do you have a Level 6 textiles qualification and wish to progress toward a higher level?  Or do you have many years of self-taught expertise in textiles, and have been active in producing art textiles–and would like to join a challenging group to learn more about conceptual development in the context of historical and critical research?  Would you like to enter third-level, but would prefer a part-time option due to work/family commitments, or just as a ‘taster’ and as a possible route toward Degree? Or are you a practicing artist who has encountered the potential of textiles methods and concerns in the development of your work, and would like to gather skills and knowledge in the textiles area as a kind of post-grad option? In the Crawford we have combined Art Textile technical modules with Academic Studies modules from our Contemporary Applied Arts Course.  Our Course makes these available to part-time students to provide a challenging programme to answer many perceived needs. Please read more about Course details, faculty.

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