The Whistle Performance

1st May 2015
7.30 pm
The Whistle | Performance

The Whistle

Darragh McLoughlin

7.30 pm, Stack Theatre, Cork School of Music


Tickets €6.00 / €3.00

CIT Arts Office is delighted to announce the upcoming residency, workshop, feedback sessions and performance at CIT by award-winning contemporary circus performer Darragh McLoughlin with his unique audience engaged show, The Whistle.

Darragh will conclude his week long residency at CIT with a performance of ‘The Whistle’ in the Stack Theatre, Cork School of Music, on May 1st, followed by a Q&A session. Participants in the workshop and feedback sessions throughout the week will get special ticket rates for the public performance.


The Whistle is a solo production featuring Irish artist Darragh McLoughlin. It uses a cinematographic approach to dramaturgy and experiments with innovative artist-audience relationships. The creation premiered at Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2014.

The main intention is to merge different ways of creating (drawing from cinema, circus and  theatre) and to make use of the audience´s expectations  and  psychology in surprising ways. All while, between the lines, addressing the themes of rules, trust and obedience in a light, very playful way.

For more information and for full details of events taking place during Darragh's residency please contact:

CIT Arts Office
Admin Building, CIT Bishopstown Campus

021 4335344


Darragh  McLoughlin

"When you hear the sound of the whistle you have to close your eyes.
When you hear it again you may open them."

What if you were at the same time spectator and creator of a piece?
A juggler, a whistle and the audience together create a multitude of moments: Time travel - Déjà vu – Glitches - Fast forward – Rewind - Déjà vu
All without technics or special effects.
A journey through several different hilarious yet often poetic narratives.
Close your eyes!
Open them!
Will you play the game or will you cheat?
Either way you will be played!




Currently laureate of CircusNext, European scheme coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe and supported by the European Commission and receiver of the Circus Project Award  administred by the Arts Council of Ireland,  Squarehead  Productions  is a contemporary circus company founded in 2011 by Irish creator / performer Darragh McLoughlin. The company makes use of the liberating potential of creating for the stage by inventing abstract worlds with specific logical  frameworks. Applying  dramaturgical  logic as a centre point to the creative process and transferring cinematographic principles on stage are defining features of the Squarehead Productions aesthetics; researching and focusing on challenging the symbiosis of meaning, purpose and action.

Other creations of the company include A Collection of Tales and Oddities (10 min.) and Fragments of a Mind (60 min.).



Darragh is a contemporary circus performer/creator from Ireland. He founded Squarehead Productions in 2011 with the aim of bringing together different contemporary artistic practices. In 2008 he completed a foundations of juggling course in the Jonglier Katakomben in Berlin. In 2012 he graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACAPA) in the Netherlands (including a two month exchange with the Academy of Circus and Variety Arts in Kiev and a minor in creative writing, creating with media, research and psychology of creative processes). Since then he has been performing and teaching in more than ten European countries and has been working to build on his growing   network in the contemporary performance world.

For more information about Squarehead Productions / Darragh McCloughlin see



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