Date: 8th Sep 2014 - 27th Sep 2014
Time: 10am - 4pm, Mon - Fri
Venue: James Barry Exhibition Centre


8-27 September

LAUNCH RECEPTION on Thursday 18th September, 7pm.

James Barry Exhibition Centre,
CIT Bishopstown Campus

Peta Beagan, Deirdre Hurley, Mara Muller-Tolk, Femke Vandenberg, Darragh Wilkins


Five graduates from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design present installations, sculpture, painting, and interventions examining systems, structures, change, and human nature. 



Peta Began
An environment has been created, in which it aims to capture your attention for an extended period of time, to disconnect your from your current thoughts and make you forget the world outside this room. It does not wish to harm you, change your views on the world or force you to accept the reality it presents. It just wants to entice you into taking a break within the boundaries of its environment.

Born in Brisbane, Australia. Moved to Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Ireland at the age of three. Took part in the third year Exhibition Are We There Yet? In 2013. General secretary of the degree show  Na hOibreacha in 2014.

Deirdre Hurley
The work addresses the use of our physicality in jobs.  Responding to the demolition of monumental industrial buildings in cities, these unheroic, fragile and cartoonish pieces draw attention to the final shift from manual industrial labour to abstract labour.  Such large buildings were needed during this period of manufacturing. The suits reflect the further shift to the more sedentary work of today. We don't necessarily need to be physically housed in a work place to clock-in and out, but we are expected to be available for work at any time with the use of iphones and smart phone.   The demands on the body used to be quantifiable whereas we cannot clock-out and switch off from work with modern technology rendering us ‘always on’ (Franco “Bifo” Berardi).

Deirdre joined the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2010 as a mature student having completed a 2 year part-time course in CSN in art and design.  Starting in September, Deirdre has been offered an artist’s studio with The Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, Cork. ‘Although I usually consider myself a painter I have a big interest in materials and mixed media.  In this current work (Towers of Strength), the size was important to demonstrate the scale of the buildings and also to give a physical element to its effect’.

Mara Muller-Tolk
Our current adventure of life is abundant with questions. Some of these questions are easily answered, others, however, are long and complex and the answers seemingly impossible to uncover. The work is concerned with these hard to find answers and questions whether the answers really are out of our reach or whether we are simply too caught up in searching, that we don’t realize we have found what we are looking for. Sometimes a simple look inside yourself is all it takes to untwist the threads holding together two halves of a whole.

Recently graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in Fine Art my work is primarily sculpture, working with metal, wood, glass and thread. y research is aimed towards universal issues, often looking at recent scientific discoveries.  I am very interested in life and death, the after life and beliefs surrounding these. I am also drawn towards the universe; stars, nebulas and the solar systems. On the micro scale, I am fascinated by human cells and recent discoveries made about them. The Chakra System and the Seven Hermetic Principles have also been a huge influence to me.

Femke Vandenberg
Collecting images is my starting point, assembling a compilation of imagery from all over the globe, from different eras and different genres. By affixing these images onto the same surface I aim to flatten the world, aligning the aggregate and in turn creating my own language, where all previous associations with these images are neutralized. The viewer plays a large role in my work. It is made to be visually interacted with. I hope to awaken the viewer’s own imagination by giving them the imagery and letting them create their own narrative.

Femke Vandenberg was born in Galway, Ireland in 1992. Vandenberg works predominantly in the medium of oil painting but includes collage and installation work in her practice. Vandenberg completed a B.A with distinction at the Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 2014. She has exhibited in the University of Limerick as well as in Gorlitzer Park, Berlin. While on Erasmus in Finland she showed work in Gallery OyOy, Lahti and in the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Art. She is represented in the collection of Cork Institute of Technology and the Office of Public Works (OPW). Vandenberg was awarded a residency in the Back Water studios starting in September 2014. She currently lives and works in Cork

Darragh Wilkins
My recent work explores the relationships between material, process and mass produced commodities.  As an artist I generally take an experimental approach to sculpture making, exploring the physical possibilities of material has become key to my practice. Much of the works meaning is in its instability and in the fact that it exists provisionally; I wanted to heighten the fragility of the moment of engagement and deny the possibility of ownership.


Exhibition Launch on Thursday 18th September, 7pm.


CULTURE NIGHT - Friday 19th September

LATE OPENING: The exhibition will be open from 12 - 9pm for Culture Night. CIT Bishoipstown Campus is a designated stop on the free Culture night busses.

A workshop in Collage and Origami will take place on Friday 19th September from 3-5pm, as part of Culture Night. For children age 5-7. Places limited, parental supervision required, booking essential. To book, email to




Femke Vandenberg

Femke Vandenberg


Darragh Wilkins - Work in progress


Peta Beagan


Deirdre Hurley


Mara Muller-Tolk



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