Date: 6th Oct 2014 - 14th Oct 2014
Time: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm
Venue: James Barry Exhibition Centre


6-14 October

James Barry Exhibition Centre

Jo Shuks
Grace O’Leary
Elouise Flannery

An exhibition about identity, self-image, and social pressures. 

Supported through the new CIT Student Engagement Award, in association with the Good Start "Personal Health & Wellbeing Week"


Monday 6th October – Tuesday 14th October

Opening Launch:
Monday 6th October, 1.15pm.



"A Taste of Mindfulness” , introduction to Mindfulness presented by CIT Chaplaincy

Thursday 9th October, James Barry Exhibition Centre. Enquiries to artsoffice@cit.ie.



Jo Shuks’ work, presented as a series of A3 poster prints hung directly on the wall, are quick sketches recording situations, encounters, conversations from contemporary urban life, often focussing on the lack or loss of personal control and social support, and on the challenges facing people in this environment and social system.

‘I looked at the passengers in masses, and thought of them in their aggregate relations. Soon, however, I descended to details, and regarded with minute interest the innumerable varieties of figure, dress, air, gait, visage, and expression of countenance.’

~ Edgar Allan Poe – ‘The Man of The Crowd’ 1840.


Elouise Flannery shows a cabinet/shelf structure, holding a variety of objects and materials referencing the human body and its chemical makeup. The work addresses the pressure on people in modern society to use chemicals in addressing physical and psychological issues.

'The work concerns itself with the wonders of the human body – biologically, systematically and metaphorically. Inspired by visual references to science laboratories and natural history museums; the deconstruction process of the body is encapsulated within cabinets and shelving units using vitrines, transparent containers and jars. A collection of ready-made objects, artefacts, drawings, collages and hand- crafted sculptures are arranged and organised as a Cabinet of Curiosity that seeks to question western society’s awareness of the mind-body connection.'



Grace O'Leary presents a series of small illustrations and handmade books, describing a fictional character exploring an environment and interacting with other characters, questioning its role and identity.

'Using the narrative of personal struggles, negative thought patterns are extracted and displayed to the viewer. Negative thought patterns emerge once you immerse yourself in the story of your thoughts. Although felt internally these personal struggles are universal. If the information is only partially given we are forced to make our own story. Alternatively we may focus on one aspect of truth while we forego another. Our thoughts combine to create a myth but one in which we are fully invested. It is up to us to make the first move to try uncovering the full story. In this discovery a deeper personal understanding becomes accessible.'




An Introduction to Mindfulness
Thursday 9th October, 1pm
Limited places, free, booking required. Email to artsoffice@cit.ie to reserve a place.
Stephen O'Riordan will give an introductory session in Mindfulness.



Grace O'Leary

Elouise Flannery

Jo Shuks


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