Milton Schlosser

Milton Schlosser

Date: 13th May 2014
Time: 1.10pm
Venue: Curtis Auditorium, MTU Cork School of Music

Solo piano recital by Milton Schlosser

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 at 1.10pm

Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music

Music by Brahms, Howells, Schumann and Liszt

Free Admission

FREE lunchtime piano recital, followed by a presentation on the topic of Improving your performance and practising


Milton Schlosser, Professor of Piano from University of Alberta, Canada will be presenting his topic in the Board Room, from 2:30 –3:30 on Tuesday, 13 May, 2014

Title of research presentation:  "How to improve your performing and practicing:  Perspectives from neuroscience, sport psychology, and experience-based learning theory"

 Summary of presentation:  Dr. Milton Schlosser (University Of Alberta) will discuss two research projects he has recently completed.  First of all, he will outline an innovative type of analysis to be done immediately after performing. This strategy, drawn from current neuroscience and sport psychology research, has been seen to improve performing dramatically in music students. Secondly, Dr. Schlosser challenges prevalent notions held by students and instructors about what practicing entails and learning involves. Specifically, he cites experiential learning theory to argue for a lesson environment where the typical "master-apprentice" model is replaced with one where student experiences are more highly examined.  Schlosser's development of an 'Online Music Practicing Log' at the University of Alberta will be seen to exemplify such a paradigm shift.


Milton Schlosser, Piano

Milton Schlosser is a noted pianist and award-winning music professor at Canada’s University of Alberta. The Toronto Star’s review of Schlosser’s latest CD exemplifies the type of artistry he is known for, acclaiming his playing for its "emotionally expressive, powerfully intimate journeys through beautiful harmonies and counterpoint.” In 2007, Schlosser was awarded a prestigious McCalla Professorship for his significant contributions to research, teaching, and learning at the University of Alberta.   Based at the university’s Augustana Campus in Camrose, he also teaches a graduate-level piano pedagogy course in Edmonton.

Schlosser performs in live and broadcast performances as solo recitalist, collaborative pianist, and soloist with orchestra.  In Spring 2014, solo recital engagements take him to China, Ireland, and France, with recent performances having occurred in Canada, Germany, the US, and Japan. He has released five recordings that feature him as a soloist and collaborative pianist performing pieces drawn from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries.  Two of the recordings highlight works by renowned American composer Frederic Rzewski, including one piece commissioned by Schlosser.  He holds a Doctor of Music degree in piano performance from the University of Alberta, where his primary mentors were Robert Stangeland and Stéphane Lemelin.

Alongside his activities as a performer, Schlosser is a published researcher and composer.  Two recent publications serve to illustrate his diverse interests. “Music, the Liberal Arts, and Rural Identity: The Not-So-Straight-Road” appears in the book Roads Taken: The Professorial life, Scholarship in Place, and the Public Good (2014).   The chapter traces Schlosser’s career and the distinctive, quality teaching that can occur on a smaller-sized liberal arts campus in a rural location.  “Minding the music:  Neuroscience, video recording, and the pianist” is found in the International Journal of Music Education (2011).  The article offers best practices in the use of digital video equipment by pianists through the examination of intersections between neuroscience, contemplative studies, and sport psychology.



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