Staying with the Trouble KinShip Symposium

4th Oct 2023 - 4th Aug 2023
10am - 5pm
Staying with the Trouble | KinShip Symposium

Discussions around art and interdisciplinary practices, the politics of the possible, climate action and the rights of nature.

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at10:00 am

Location: Rory Gallagher Theatre, MTU Bishopstown Campus, Cork


KinShip supported by MTU Arts Office under the Create Le Chéile Arts fund, presents a one-day symposium, 'Staying with the Trouble'.

About this event

A one-day symposium, Staying with the Trouble on Wednesday 4th October, 2023 will mark the closing of the Tentacular Thinking exhibition, at the Rory Gallagher Theatre, MTU Bishopstown Campus, Cork. The symposium will showcase the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the input of diverse forms of knowledge in addressing rights of nature and climate action. By embracing multiple perspectives and ways of knowing, we aim to stay engaged with the complexities of the issues at hand when confronting environmental degradation.

10:00 - Introduction to the KinShip project and the symposium by artist collaboration LennonTaylor.

LennonTaylor Website

10:30 - Ann Burns: Socially engaged artist, Ann Burns will be in conversation with immersive filmmaker Linda Curtin, to discuss the role of XR technologies and climate action. Ann undertook a KinShip artist placement in Tramore Valley Park in '22-'23 and Linda is currently making an artist film documenting the EcoLab construction.

Ann Burns Studios Linda Curtin Website

11:00- 11:15 - Break

11:15 - Colette Lewis in conversation with Helen O'Shea: (Sustainable materials, waste, circular economy, creativity). Colette will be in conversation with Helen O'Shea, a textile artist focused on new narratives for waste plastics. Helen worked with Colette on the (Waste) Fibre Flows Laboratory workshop at Cork City Chambers, 2022. Colette Lewis discusses the outcomes of her (Waste) Fibre Flows Laboratory which was set up as part of her long-term KinShip Artist Placement, as an experimental space to process materials and ideas for new ways of thinking about our complicated and entangled relationship with waste. The laboratory is a space where policy, philosophy, speculative design and hands-on material processes meet.

Colette Lewis Helen O'Shea Website

11:45 - Fuinneamh Workshop Architects - Seán Antóin Ó’Muirí and Kieran Ruane (KinShip EcoLab, sustainable construction and material processes). Fuinneamh Workshop Architects are the team responsible for the design and construction of Ireland's first public rammed earth EcoLab shelter currently under construction in Tramore Valley Park. The team will talk about their construction ethos and the use of rammed earth, thatch, hoggin and wood as sustainable materials in the building of the EcoLab.

Fuinneamh Website

12.30 - Lunch and talk provided by My Goodness (Cork SOIL project, composting, circular economyetc) My Goodness was established in 2015 by Dónal and Virginia O’Gara. My Goodness is an award-winning ethical health focused business that specialises in vegan, raw, sugar-free, gluten-free and fermented probiotic products. All ingredients are sourced from local and organic suppliers where possible. My Goodness is working towards becoming a zero-waste company. During lunch Virginia O’Gara will give a talk about the company and their ongoing community projects in Cork City.

My Goodness Website

Afternoon - Rights of Nature for Tramore Valley Park

13:30 - Love Our Ouse Project (UK) -Cllr Matthew Bird (Mayor of Lewes and Town Councillor (and Natasha Padbury (Founding Director of Love Our Ouse).

On 20 February 2023, Lewes District Council (Sussex UK) passed, by 27 votes to 2, a Rights of River motion for the river Ouse. The passing of this motion, the first in the country, means a charter on the river Ouse’s rights will be developed over the next two years. The motion was proposed by Matthew Bird, who is cabinet member for sustainability as well as climate lead for Sussex Wildlife Trust.

Love Our Ouse is the lead organisation who has initiated and is developing and delivering the Rights of River work for the River Ouse with community participation as a big part of the remit.

Love Our Ouse Website Matthew Bird Website

14:30 - Peter Doran is an activist-law academic with a long-standing interest in political ecology and international affairs. His research and interests include degrowth and the wellbeing economy, climate justice, global environmental politics, and the intersections of Zen philosophy, ecology, and wellbeing. His most recent publication is the book, A Political Economy of Attention: Reclaiming the Mindful Commons (Routledge 2018). He is also a senior editor/writer for the International Institute for Sustainable Development at United Nations conferences on the environment and development. He has worked on environmental policy and campaigns in both government and NGO settings for over thirty years. Peter is on the steering group of Environmental Justice Network Ireland.

"The Rights of Nature movement is capturing the imaginations of communities across the world because it helps to turn our narratives of transition towards the ‘more-than-human': that intimate web of nature and meaning in which we are all entangled and implicated. It also represents an expression of a ‘biocentric’ or ‘ecocentric’ turn in the law: a decentring of ‘the human’ in favour of protecting the intrinsic rights of other beings”. Peter Doran et al, 2021.

About Peter Doran Environmental Justice Network Website

15:30 - Questions & Answers

16:30-17:00 - Closing addresses

Throughout the day KinShip project partner Cork Nature Network will be onsite at the Symposium to share the important work they have been undertaking at Tramore Valley Park including the newly developed Biodiversity Plan for the park.

The opportunity to bring this Exhibition and Symposium together is made possible by the Munster Technological University Arts Office, under the Create le Chéile fund.

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10am - 5pm