MTU Arts Office - Student Engagement Award Online Showcase

MTU Arts Office - Student Engagement Award Online Showcase

Date: 6th Oct 2021 - 30th Jun 2022
Time: 24/7



Claire Kirwan (BA Visual Communications, MTU CCAD, 2001)

Claire Kirwan invites you to put away your devices, turn off the screens, and have conversations with the people around you through a magazine and board game “Table Talk”.  The magazine reminisces on pre social media times and discusses how technology affects relationships. The card game is a purpose driven game, encouraging you to put your phone down and engage in ‘Table Talk’ to deepen connections.

Read more about this design project on the "Is Mise" Degree Show website:


MTU Arts Office is delighted to share a series of 7 profile videos featuring graduating artists from MTU Crawford College of Art & Design, produced specially to be shared with MTU students at the start of their studies at MTU. These artists were winners of the MTU Arts Office Student Engagement Award, from their Degree Show in June 2021.

In these short videos, each artist shares some insights into the work they created for their Degree Show, their inspirations, the materials and processes they use, and their experience as a student at MTU. We hope you can find time to watch and enjoy them!

To see all profile videos in a Vimeo Showcase, click the image above or this link:

These videos were produced by Robin Guiton for MTU Arts Office. We would like to acknowledge and thank each of the artists who participated and shared their story.


Marley Healy (BA Fine Art, MTU CCAD, 2001) developed a room installation inspired by clouds, creating a safe, comforting space. 


Nicola Sheehan (BA Fine Art, MTU CCAD, 2001) used an outdoor camera-less photographic process to make life-size portraits based on Helen of Troy, re-presenting Helen as a strong, independent person.


Siobhán O’Connor (BA Fine Art, MTU CCAD, 2001)

Looking at comfort and recreating childhood activities from an older perspective, Siobhán O’Connor’s paintings reflect a time when countless hours could be spent creating new worlds without leaving the house.


Ger Daly (BA Contemporary Applied Art, MTU CCAD, 2001)

Focusing on weaving and colour mixing, Ger Daly uses textiles as a way to communicate emotions and life experiences.


Aoife La Rocque (BA Visual Communications, MTU CCAD, 2001)

Aoife La Rocque created BALLYGOBACKWARDS, an entire festival of unapologetic Irishness - on paper. As a festival that didn't happen, it was in good company this year!


Meadhbh Healy (BA Fine Art, MTU CCAD, 2021)

Visitors to Meadhbh Healy's degree show could walk in and around a life-size photographic studio, inhabited by self-portraits recreating stock photo poses.


Deirdre Coffey (BA Fine Art, MTU CCAD, 2021)

Two dimensional faces emerged from the screens of phones and laptops to create figures that inhabit a space between the real and the virtual. Drawn in a continuous line, made by welding steel bar, Deirdre Coffey’s figures examine the translation of our communications during the pandemic restrictions, and the need to re-engage with the three-dimensional world around us.


Want to see more?

Artworks by some of these artists are now in the permanent Collection of MTU. You can see them online on the MTU Arts website: citcollection  

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