The Hodges Effect: The Mysterious Agency of Space Grit & Tiny Scraps of Metal

The Hodges Effect: The Mysterious Agency of Space Grit & Tiny Scraps of Metal

Date: 7th October 2021
Time: 7pm
Venue: Online Event (See details & link below)

THE HODGES EFFECT: The Mysterious Agency of Space Grit & Tiny Scraps of Metal 

Launching a Campaign for an International Meteorite Awareness Day for Ann Hodges 

In recognition of WORLD SPACE WEEK ((October 4th-11th) an international team of artists and scientists consider and celebrate the significance of Ann Hodges and begin a campaign to lobby the U.N. for an International Meteorite Awareness Day for Ann Hodges. Billboards, free public art/science lectures, performances and letter-writing activism are all included throughout Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S. Local signs of Hodges Effect activity will be visible on October 4th, 2021, when a series of futuristic billboard artworks advertising “The Hodges Effect” will appear in locations around Cork City, Ireland.

A virtual panel discussion is scheduled at BCO and the National Sculpture Factory of Ireland for October 7th at 7PM (Dublin time) will include Valerie Byrne, Dr. Julia Cartwright, Jade Dellinger, Connie Hwang, Sean Miller, Dr. Niall Smith, and Dr. Sean Taylor.


Grit & Tiny Scraps of Metal 

Date:Thursday October 7 2021

Time:19:00 - 20:15
Irish Time



THE HODGES EFFECT: (Sean Miller/ Sean Taylor 2021) can be described as an existential crisis of being that may occur after a sudden collision between a Homosapien subject and extra-terrestrial materials. The Hodges Effect is an emerging creative concept in the domain of Homosapien encounters and current responses to environmental change.  


On November 30, 1954, 34-year-old Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges (Alabama, USA), was struck by a meteorite while sleeping. The meteorite crashed through the roof of her home in Sylacauga, Alabama, bounced off a radio, and hit her on her hip. Despite being bruised and shaken by the incident, she survived and simultaneously became the first, and so far only, recorded human on Earth to be directly stuck by an extra-terrestrial object and live. For Ann Hodges, outer space suddenly became jarringly present – close enough to forcibly impact someone in the privacy of their own home. The Hodges event provides the backdrop to recognize the important role that meteorites and cosmic collisions in general have played in the evolution of our planet and ourselves. Just as one collision changed Ann Hodges world, countless collisions continue to shape our world.


The Hodges Effect is a project conceived by artists Sean Miller (U.S.) and Sean Taylor (Ireland) in collaboration with designer Connie Hwang (U.S.). The project is supported by the National Sculpture Factory of Ireland, Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, Ireland, University of Alabama, USA and the University of Florida, USA as part of the celebration of World Space Week (October 4th-11th).

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