What Do We Want? No More Homework!

What Do We Want? No More Homework!

Date: 2nd Oct 2021 - 29th Oct 2021
Time: microGALLERY window exhibition
Venue: MTU Gallery at 46 Grand Parade


To celebrate October Dyslexia Awareness Month, artist Danielle Sheehy will be showing artwork about dyslexia entitled ‘What do we want? No more homework’, in the MTU Micro Gallery on 46 Grand Parade, Cork.

Running from 2nd - 29th October 2021, the work is viewed from Grand Parade, and is supported by a YouTube clip where Danielle and Sascha Roos, author of ‘At Home with Dyslexia’, discuss dyslexia and homework from the primary to secondary school years.

The artwork is a large illustration of a happy primary school child about to dive off a board into a pool, and the title is a funny take on a very real experience for young dyslexic kids. 

They spend their time in school on the back-foot thinking that they are slow and generally rubbish at everything. They then spend so much time doing homework when they could be learning other skills which would help them in life.

The artist says ‘the skills that got me through my life were what I did in the evenings after school; drawing comic strips and making sculptures, which eventually got me into art school. Design courses are full of dyslexic people, we think differently, and learn visually. 

A perfect example of dyslexic thinking was when the new Education Department of the Crawford College of Art and Design was being built on Grand Parade. I saw the potential for this tiny gallery for students and artists to create experimental art. It was built, and I am delighted to be showing this work for Dyslexia Awareness Month.’

What do we want? No More Homework!!


For further information

please contact Danielle Sheehy at daniellesheehy@gmail.com and on 0863956602


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