Creativity and Change  - Window Exhibition

Creativity and Change - Window Exhibition

Date: 1st Apr 2021 - 28th Apr 2021
Time: 9am - 9pm (window view exhibition)
Venue: MTU Gallery at 46 Grand Parade


The exhibitions at The Gallery Grand Parade form part of the Creativity & Change course participants' awareness-raising action projects. These projects aim to engage the public in taking action for global justice. This year, there are four projects taking place during April, two of which are exhibited in the windows of the MTU Gallery at 46 Grand Parade.


Conscious Lee is a public awareness project to help people value and protect their rivers. Through a focus on Otters and the River Lee in Cork, the public will be informed about habitat loss and climate change using SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation for all) and SDG 15 (Life on Land). They are encouraged to take action to help water wildlife and protect rivers as natural amenities for future generations. The project also highlights our connection to rivers as ‘blue spaces’ that are not only good for biodiversity and combating climate change, but are beneficial for physical and mental health. 



It involves:

  • An installation in the MTU Gallery at 46 Grand Parade, with sculptures of otters, fish, and a person with their head in sand; a painted backdrop; and an illustrated poem 
  • A podcast mini series exploring otters and wildlife in the river, our connections with the river as bluespace, and wellbeing  

A website with additional information and actions

The project has an instagram account, ConsciousLeeCork, and encourages people to use the hashtag, #ConsciousLee, to share their appreciation of the Lee and other rivers. It is part of the MTU post-graduate programme, Creativity and Change.  

Ann Lambe, one of the project team members, explains “Otters have a large role in our project as they have become an unofficial flagship species for wildlife in the River Lee. Cork Nature Network have recently set up their Otter walking trail and have released a short film, also the campaign Save Our Bride Otters is highlighting their presence in Blackpool. People are thrilled to catch a glimpse of otters in the river, they are very playful and cute creatures. Our project helps raise awareness about the actions people can take to help protect otters and other wildlife.”   

 “The project ties into recent discussion about the role of the River Lee in the life of the city. Proposed flood defence schemes and new developments will change access to the Lee and impact on wildlife habitats. Whatever the outcomes of these decisions we want people to be able to make informed choices.” 

 “Over the past year, people have really come to value rivers in new ways. It is a wonderful nature space that helps improve our physical and mental health. Connection with nature is so important and we have this rich amenity running through the city. Just look at the Lee Fields or the Marina any day to show how much people value being by the river.”  

Installation shot of Creativity and Change - Conscious Lee, 
window exhibition at the MTU Gallery at 46 Gand Parade.
Image taken by Liam Bee 
Installation shot of Creativity and Change - Conscious Lee, 
window exhibition at the MTU Gallery at 46 Gand Parade.
Image taken by Liam Bee


Installation shot of Creativity and Change - Conscious Lee, 
window exhibition at the MTU Gallery at 46 Gand Parade.
Image taken by Liam Bee


Global Jars of Joy facilitates the sharing of joy in a safe way while helping people identify how they can utilise their joy turning it into action to tackle global justice issues they are passionate about. We are collecting acts of joy in our jars, which will be shared across the world in order to empower positive change. We welcome all people to participate!

In the Grand Parade micro-gallery, you will see a tree with jars hanging from it, the trees have examples of joy turned into action to change the world. See for more info about how you can get involved.

An Abhainn Álainn launched for World Water Day on March 22nd, an international day of celebration of water and a reminder that 2.2 billion people worldwide don't have access to safe water. The project invites you to walk along a stretch by your local river or waterway and take the opportunity
to reflect upon the women and children who walk an average of six kilometers every day to
access clean water. Find maps,  resources and activities at

Now What?

The artivisit group known as the pirARTes are creating a community art piece of words and images gathered from  a series of interactive workshops, where global citizens came together to reflect on the global sustainability issues, got inspired and empowered to imagine the world anew through poetry and imagery. Now What?


The project is live on social media platforms and soon to be live in real life with a national street art display of images and words that ask and try to answer; now what are we going to do?


You can contribute by following and sharing to @now_what_project on Instagram and  @nowwhatproject2021 on Facebook to share your knowledge and creations to raise consciousness with us!

Creativity & Change is a programme of learning, comprised of a post-graduate course, as well as trainings and events for anyone interested in how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around global justice themes. 

For more info on the Creativity & Change, see, check out instagram @creativityandchangecit or apply to take part in our 21/22 post-graduate course at


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