Selected Works from the 2020 MA in Art & Process Degree Exhibition - COM,MA

Selected Works from the 2020 MA in Art & Process Degree Exhibition - COM,MA

Date: 14th Jan 2021 - 29th Jan 2021
Venue: The Gallery // 46 Grand Parade

Selected Works from the MA:AP Degree Exhibition 


MTU Crawford College of Art & Design presents;

artwork by each artist from the MA in Art and Process (MA:AP) Degree Exhibition 2020 At The -

MTU Crawford College of Art & Design,

Gallery at No. 46 Grand Parade,

Cork City.

14 - 29 January, 2021

The exhibition will be displayed through the windows of The Gallery at No. 46 Grand Parade, utilizing the depth and display of the large window format and viewable from the street. Exhibiting Artists Catarina Araújo, Deirdre Breen, Padraic Barrett, Aoife Claffey, Seán Daly, Joe Fogarty, Inguna Mainule, Kate McElroy and Ida Mitrani.

The work is also viewable in an online format at: Despite having several interruptions this year the class of 2020 have continuously responded with tenacity and creativity, thinking up unique methods to display their work to the public.

1. Ida Mitrani, Human planteosmosis, 2020

Ida's Artist statement
My artistic concerns and interests are influenced by concepts and theories of plant culture in the current environmental crisis, including plant blindness, post-naturalism and hybrid materials .  The creative process explores the relationship and the interaction between humans, plants and technology, looking  at the function and meaning of weeds in today’s society.
By bringing the viewer’s focus to the vegetal world in an evocative and thoughtful way, I examine the symbiosis and conflict between man and nature while making the familiar more visible. Using an environment of textures, my  aim is to capture a memory of the present era that reflects the diversity and adaptability of life, and contemplates a vision of a possible new understanding of a ‘clean landscape’ where plastic is incorporated in nature.
The work is comprised of large and small drawing installations together with three-dimensional objects; mixed materials combined with plant-life forms; and layered digitised  images. Their positioning in unexpected places evokes the idea of reproduction, sprawl, growth and transformation within the natural world in contrast with the stasis of non-degradable materials.


2. Catarina Araújo, Quântica - Two1, 2020


3. Deirdre Breen, Bulge, 2020


4. Kate McElroy, An Unfurling Unknown, 2020


5. Joseph Fogarty, All that we are? ( I ), 2020


6. Padraic Barrett, The Engineering of Consent, 2020


7. Aoife Claffey, Chaos, 2020


8. Seán Daly, 92.7km, 2020


For about these artists and to follow the process of their work visit:

Facebook - MA:AP Instagram - MA:AP or / MAAP

COM,MA was open to the public for a limited time and capacity in December 2020, with the class delivering a powerful and thought-provoking MA show. On Culture Night they again utilised the unique location and format of the building, using the windows as mediators for video projection in an innovative engagement with the community. In the current time of mass closure, the class have again responded to deliver a carefully curated and considered exhibition for public viewing.


A comma is not a silence, But a time to act and to raise our voices through our creative endeavours. A comma is an invitation, Space to process conventional existence, A comma offers perspective to survey past, present and future, It helps to distinguish reality from noise, truth from illusion. A comma is a soft rupture...

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