The Halfpenny Opera - 3rd Year BATDS

The Halfpenny Opera - 3rd Year BATDS

Date: 25th Feb 2020 - 29th Feb 2020
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: 12 Star Gallery

This high-octane version of John Gay’s great political satire is full of the comic brio, savage political commentary and musical vandalism that has kept the great original fresh for centuries.

Mr Peachum, the dishonest broker par excellence, who runs a team of beggars and criminals all over London and who doubly profits by turning his clients in when they have passed their sell-by date; McHeath, the leader of the pack and the original for Brecht’s Mac the Knife; Polly and Lucy, the ruthless proletarian debutantes; Tiger Brown, the Chief of Police and Brown Envelopes; Suky Tawdry and Molly Brazen, the sweetest-tongued tarts in town, are all as corrupt and as entertaining as ever in this new adaptation.

They are joined by a Homeless Chorus, The Speaker of the House of Commons, a pair of Keystone Toffs and ‘The Prince of Somewhere Biggish’ to sharpen up the contemporary edge of this shameless comedy and to emphasise the moral of the story, which is that ‘the virtuous in this world end well, the evil badly,’ that maxim being, as Oscar Wilde pointed out, the meaning of fiction.

Music of a junk/punk sort will be supplied by Cormac O’ Connor, who creates the entire musical world in rehearsal with the cast, the steampunk set of cogs and pipes being the primary instrument for this bandit orchestra.

Set simultaneously in the 18th century, the 1980s, and the present day, this sharp, short, theatrical shock is an ideal vehicle for the vast energies and comedic skills of this year’s Third Year BATDS ensemble.

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