BOMBARD - 2019 CIT Student Engagement Exhibition

BOMBARD - 2019 CIT Student Engagement Exhibition

Date: 11th Sep 2019 - 18th Oct 2019
Time: 10-5 Mon-Fri
Venue: James Barry Exhibition Centre


James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus

Opening Recption September 18th at 5:30pm

11 September – 18 October


Featuring CIT CCAD 2019 gradutes - lauren tobin, karl morrissey, colm moloney, diane keating, charlie mc burney, kamil kowalczyk, seán ratigan, paul connell, aisling o connell, kerry sloane, carrie anne channon

2019 Arts Office & Student Engagement Exhibition.

CIT Arts Office presents a selection of graduates from CIT CCAD final year 2019, including Contemporary Applied Art, Visual Communications, Creative Digital Media, and Fine Art.

These artists and designers have developed individual visual and technical languages, and produced challenging, provocative works. There is a strong appreciation of visual culture and the crafts and traditions of their disciplines, while each artist also finds new approaches. Old stories are re-imagined, new stories created, roles and relationships are questioned. Above all, each is trying to find ways of using their practice to communicate and to help others to communicate – in an era dominated by constant distraction and diversion.

The exhibition will also include screenings of film works in the Rory Gallagher Theatre, artist talks, workshops, and discussions. See the website and call in to the gallery for further details.


About Artists

Lauren Tobin, Karl Morrissey, Colm Moloney


BA (Hons.) Creative Digital Media

A collaborative project involving the development of a novel film presentation and viewing format, and the production of short films made for this expanded viewing concept. [more details to follow..]

Colm Moloney - My name is Colm Moloney and I am a filmmaker. When I first started making films, I discovered an eagerness to always try out new styles of filming and editing, and that’s where the idea for CineSense came from. CineSense is a new form of cinematic storytelling that allows filmmakers to be more creative in the way they edit their movies. With the multi-screen format, movies can now be filmed with the intent on utilising all three screens at once in order to create a thrilling, immersive and unique experience.

Karl Morrissey - My name is Karl Morrissey. I started making movies with my friends on old camera phones as a 10-year-old boy in Kilkenny, but at that time my heart was too locked on becoming a footballer for Manchester United to notice what were evidently future-defining moments.

When I was 16, my friend made me watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy as he found it fundamentally crazy that I had never seen them before. As stupid as it sounds, my life changed forever from that moment, and for the better. I had found a passion - and it was to tell my own stories to a magnitude of a similar scale, and perhaps inspire others the way those movies inspired me.

I worked on my final year project with two of my closest friends, a project we titled “Cinesense”. Together, we attempted to show film in a new and exciting way; one we hope will create a deeper immersion for the viewer.

Lauren Tobin - Hi, my name is Lauren Tobin and I aim to be a video editor, whether it’s for tv, movies etc. For as long as I can remember, I have been making and editing my own short films, whether it was completely by myself, or with my friends and family. Even though I have directed and filmed a few movies of my own, I have always felt most natural and myself when behind a computer editing and perfecting them. Due to all of this, Cinesense was created. Cinesense is a new method of watching films, storytelling and most importantly to me, a new way and style of editing. With the multi-screen format, and the intent to use all three screens at the same time, Cinesense offers a fresh style of creativity which creates an immersive and unique experience for the viewer.  Check out my work at


Diane Keating

BA (Hons.) Contemporary Applied Art

Drawing attention to world humanitarian issues takes prominence within the work. By utilising innovative pigments, such as thermo-chromatic and conductive paint the work resides in the present.

The work is in a state of continuous change; a state of unrest. This change is dependent on environmental factors, body temperatures and areas of contact. This continuous change is symbolic of the current instability of the world.

The interaction of the human body with the work is essential as it encourages a deeper connection with the work. I seek to highlight the fact that fundamentally we are all human beings.

 Instagram: dianekeatingdesign



Charlie McBurney

BA (Hons.) Contemporary Applied Art

Through glass and multimedia I question personal feelings of guilt and privilege. My volunteering experiences in Cambodia & India heavily influences this body of work. I believe that in a world where we are bombarded with media and news that we have become desensitised to global issues. When I read of devastating news from the smartphone in my hand I feel a disconnect from the reality. Through my work I am on a journey to reconnect with the local, national and global community.

Instagram: charlie_mcb_visualart

Kamil Kowalczyk

BA (Hons.) Visual Communication

Hello, my name is Kamil Kowalczyk and I am a Visual Communication student with major interest in illustration and pretty things, also in case you don't know me - football. My project is centered about the latter. I will be taking a look at World Cup 2018 from a rather strange and quirky point of view using lots of funny illustrations, it will be amazing. France won, spoiler alert.

Seán Ratigan

BA (Hons.) Fine Art

In the modern age, people are more open about sex than ever before, however the taboo has now shifted from being open about your sexuality, to being open about your struggles with sex, intimacy, and other personal insecurities. Through drawing, my work takes a humorous view on this change, using myself as a figure who is haunted by their own insecurity and sense of loneliness.

I choose to display my work through methods which take inspiration from much of the underground scene from the 70s through to the 90s, where handmade media was used as a way of spreading more liberal information on sex unavailable through government approved education. I’ve been inspired by the various artwork used on album and cassette tape covers, as well as the style of work often used to create posters for gigs and other events. I feel these have a history and sense of intimacy, and with these forms of media being something we would often have stacked up beside our beds ready to listen to when we are feeling upset, or hanging on our bedroom walls always there for us to see in the comfort of our own personal space.

I try keep a balance between my work being something the viewer can find humorous, and something which can also be somewhat unsettling and more uncomfortable to digest. While I use myself as a basis for my work I hope that it can also be a way for others to think more deeply about their own response to this subject.

Instagram: s.rhatigan_art

Paul Connell

BA (Hons.) Fine Art

A contemplation on the Cromwellian phrase ‘To Hell, or to Connacht’, my work concerns a contemporary mythopoeia as a response to and means to understand or resolve a relationship with my national and personal heritage.

The Irish language and oral tradition are important elements in my practice, and verbal wordplay often trespasses into the visual or conceptual vocabulary in the work, such as the personifications of my pseudo-Hibernian mythmaking called Ocras(Hunger) & Olcas (Evil), or Ifreann (Hell) & Aifreann (Mass). Reflecting on the mythopoetic legacies of Irish history, the work endures communion and cannibalism, penance and protest, memory and myth.

This island has always known great hunger, we are a starving people, though I have never met him, I took the soup, and it did not burn my tongue, or my mother’s tongue, or my mother-tongue. This island has always known great evil, we are a god-fearing people, though I have never met him, I drank the blood, but it gave me no tongues of fire either.

But I tasted the salmon, the forbidden fruit, and here I regurgitate its stories, and like Orcus, who devours the sinner, you devour me as I speak.

Logos, as an appeal to logic or reason in search of truth, is born from mythos; in turn mythology is born in attempt to articulate or make peace with the illogical, the absurd or the painful.

For me, drawing is discovery, drawing articulates meaning and expression that is both far more brutal, and far more sophisticated than any verbal language, it is an active and urgent means of thinking, understanding and storytelling.

The use of hand drawn animation and blackboard drawings make my work more volatile and performative.

Instagram: paul_connell

Aisling O Connell

BA (Hons.) Fine Art

I use performance and film in the same way I use painting and writing - as expressive, physical mediums which can yield great immediacy and spontaneity.

I am interested in the body in protest, and the body as a means to reconciliation with material and the landscape. Ultimately our transformation to material, and our capacity to transform, to reject pre-determined ideals of identity. Performing feels like a momentary freedom.

Stay outside, stay hungry and don’t be afraid of it. Auteurs of the world, unite and takeover!

Literature, music and film often inform my practice. Cormac McCarthy, Angela Carter, Patrick Jolley, Jane Arden, Joseph Beuys and 1970’s post-punk music have all had a very serious effect on me.

My practice is mainly based on my kitchen table in Togher, Cork City, and Fermoyle Beach, Co. Kerry.

Kerry Sloane

BA (Hons.) Visual Communication

Former signwriter who has taken a meandering path into the world of visual communication. Inspired by Scandinavian design, architecture, and interior design. My project is centred around the issues, that I feel currently exist, around Cork city in relation to public attitudes, blinkered psychology and also the dereliction of communication that currently permeates Cork City Council.

Carrie Anne Channon

BA (Hons.) Fine Art

The work takes its visuals through the online comments of Millennials and the current Generation Z. Their reactions to the issues facing them today such as the housing and rent crisis, student fees and general day to day complications that we must tackle, drive the concept behind the work.

Using a humorous tone to identify the irony in complicated situations the work aims to engulf the viewer with an erratic visual energy.

Repetition of pattern is driven throughout constructing a visual sound.

Short text is used to further communicate relatable content with the viewer.

Instagram: Channonart

Facebook: Carrie Anne Channon


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