Unsettle All Things

Unsettle All Things

Date: 12th Sep 2019 - 27th Sep 2019
Time: 10am - 5pm / Mon - Fri
Venue: The Gallery // 46 Grand Parade

'Unsettle All Things' 

This exhibition showcases a group of 8 artists who were awarded Graduate Residencies from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design (CCAD) for the 2018/2019 academic year. Oisin Burke, Catherine Callanan, Lucy Hyland, Constance McKenna and Bernadette Tuite are graduates of Contemporary Applied Art (Glass, Ceramics & Textiles), while Eamon Carey, Catherine Murray, Anna O’Riordan are graduates of Fine Art, specialising in Painting, Sculpture, Installation and Print. The exhibition is curated by Alison O’Shea, Graduate Resident 2018/2019.

About Artists  


Oisín Burke’s work explores the nature of being unhinged within in one’s sense of space. The original concept came to fruition following research on communities that have been affected by external forces such as global climate change and industrial development – forces that change the composition of a locality, thus creating a nostalgic sensitivity. He uses this concept metaphorically to create bodies of work using organic and manufactured materials such as ceramics, metal and glass.

Instagram: oisin_burke1


Catherine’s work continues to explore the role of the female in our society. This current exploration is a departure from her figurative work. Process strongly influences Catherine’s choices. This piece is a representation about how it might feel to be able to off-load responsibilities, temporarily, when they become too much. The chosen materials and

process are due to their embedded historical significance for Irish females, along with myths and legends associated with Selkies.

Instagram: @catherinecallananart


Skin demarcates the boundary to our physical selves. It is a protective barrier from the outside world, and a conceptual boundary between ourselves as a physical presence and the inner self. Skin and flesh are also very tactile and malleable as a surface/substance. 
The works in this series seek to portray this desire to re-shape or morph our bodies into something else, a desire to escape a sense of entrapment in an imperfect form. This constant pressure for perfection in appearance can make small everyday marks or defects in the skin or body, such as scarring, fatty areas or cellulite appear more sinister or problematic rather than benign.
Fears of these imperfections can be heightened by such dysmorphic, warped and overly critical views of self, driven by an inherent disappointment in self. This sense of shame often is brought about by feelings of inadequacy -especially regarding gender constructs to do with masculinity and femininity, poor evaluation of self and capabilities, and struggles with sexuality and sense of identity.

Instagram: @eamon_carey


My current body of work focuses on understanding the conflicting emotions of loss through weave. It is in the interaction between vertical and horizontal threads that I discover the inner world of grief that exists around my father’s death in 2018. Through making, I wonder about my lineage, where I have come from and how to carve out my own existence given these histories.



The work is an exploration of tree felling in Ireland. Old native trees which once covered the Irish landscape are disappearing. With ink and stitch, the work is a focus on how dendrochronology acts as a map of the life of the tree. The lines which tell the age of the tree are merely the contours that present a ‘map’ like quality to the wood.

Instagram: constance_mckenna


The work responds to the state of an emerging artist, the quest for a link to the next phase. This includes the search for a place of belonging and understanding; moving from one piece to another without a link. Questions are asked where, how, when. I make now, with an unsettled feeling, not sure where the next point of contact lies, still feeling hopeful that I will face another direction and form a bond. The pieces consist of poured plaster and stainless steel pipe, metal bar and gold heat treated fabric.

Instagram: cmcatherinemurray4


Anna’s work is multidisciplinary, often incorporating installation, sculpture and print. Since graduating Anna’s work continues this investigation. The language of the ruin, manifested in aged objects, desolate landscapes and ruined architecture underscores the work. The principal concern of the work is the compression of time in our minds. New work takes the form of printmaking, with special consideration given to folding, layering and compressing, physically and through the process of printmaking.

Website: https://annaoriordan.wordpress.com/ Instagram: oriordan.anna


My work concerns itself with landscape, and more specifically where the land articulates with the Atlantic Ocean, through sculptural ceramic vessels.I create theses ceramic vessels to link us conceptually and physically to place and highlight our place within it.

In the uncertain and unsettling period after graduation the graduate residency programme offered studio space and place to continue my practice. Creating pieces of marbled, torn, compressed and layered clay together is much like starting a creative business. One has their successes and disappointments but ultimately one stands with a piece echoing both one's journey and the seascape of my inspiration.

Instagram: Bernadettetuite

FB: Rock & Water Ceramics & Glass

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