Anime & Manga Society present two films as part of the Japanese Film Festival

Anime & Manga Society present two films as part of the Japanese Film Festival

Date: 10th April 2019
Time: 12-2pm & 7:30-9.15
Venue: Rory Gallagher Theatre

CIT Anime and Manga Society, supported by CIT Arts Office, is proud to welcome the Japanese Film Festival to CIT.

For the first time, and to have the Rory Gallagher Theatre as a screening venue for two films.


Mirai  FREE - Tickets available on

Four-year-old Kun’s life is turned upside down when his parents arrive home one day with their new baby girl Mirai. Kun soon grows jealous of the attention his baby sister is receiving from his mother and father. He starts throwing tantrums, and shocks his parents when he’s caught about to hit Mirai with a toy. However, Kun’s life takes another unexpected turn when a mysterious man appears in the garden of their house – a man, who it transpires, is actually the family dog in human form. Kun also has another surprise visitor – a teenage girl claiming to be the future Mirai.

Together, they embark on a series of adventures, and Kun discovers his family's incredible history… Mamoru Hosoda returns with another magnificent crowdpleaser. The mix of time-travel fantasy and family drama makes for an endlessly dynamic, inventive film. Boasting a wonderfully realised portrait of childhood alongside the superb visuals and music we’ve come to expect from Hosoda's films, Mirai truly is a delight for all ages.

ONE CUT OF THE DEAD +18 rated - €5/ 4 (students) Tickets available on

In an abandoned warehouse, a film crew is making a low-budget zombie film. During breaks in shooting, they share rumours about how the warehouse was once used for actual human experiments. The shoot is interrupted when real-life zombies show up and begin attacking the crew.

The survivors find themselves fending off not only an undead horde but a psychotic director intent on capturing the chaos on camera. All of this initially unfolds in one long, unbroken take – but One Cut of the Dead has a few unexpected tricks up its sleeve … Back by popular demand!

We’re delighted to host extra screenings of the zombie comedy which has proven a smash hit both in Japan and abroad. To say much more about the plot would be to do a disservice to a film that frequently reinvents itself in delightful ways. Suffice to say it’s a zombie film with a difference and plenty of surprises. One Cut of the Dead makes the most out of its micro-budget, and it’s an instant classic from first-time director Shinichiro Ueda.

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