Fr. Peter McVerry - The Housing and Homelessness Crisis

Fr. Peter McVerry - The Housing and Homelessness Crisis

Date: 6th March 2019
Time: 13:00 to 14:00
Venue: Rory Gallagher Theatre

On Wed March 6th at 1pm in the Rory Gallagher Theatre, CIT, Fr Peter Mc Verry will deliver an important lecture on the housing and homeless crisis in Ireland.

Fr Mc Verry is probably the most respected person in Ireland in providing detailed assessments of the housing/ homeless crisis and advocating workable solutions. A Jesuit priest, he has been working with homeless people for 40 years. The Mc Verry Trust has provided housing, homeless and social services to thousands over the years and continues to do so.

By way of a flavour to the the lecture, Fr McVerry will detail: data outlining the scale of the housing crisis affecting hundreds of thousands and the profile of 10,000+ homeless adults and children, a significant proportion of whom are either working or are students or became homeless simply because rents got too high, without having any specific addiction or other difficult personal challenges. He will speak about the Irish government's prioitisation of the balance sheets of bailed-out, still state-owned banks, over the housing needs and lives of hundreds of thosands of people. He will demonstrate how this is driven by a clinging to an ideology by the Irish government which has few solutions beyond market provision of housing, showing how this has failed demonstrably. He will set out clear solutions to the housing and homeless crisis also.

This public talk is presented by the Department of Applied Social Studies, CIT School of Humanities

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