Nano Nagle Place

Nano Nagle Place


Seven years ago the buildings of the South Presentation Convent were in a perilous position. As the area around the convent changed, the need for the school complex the site housed declined and the school closed its doors in 2006. Most of the buildings, some over 200 years old, sat empty with just a few resident sisters to maintain them.

The heritage buildings have been lovingly regenerated, they now house educational charities and rooms are also available to let by community groups, charities and local businesses. The chapel has been turned into a heritage centre that engagingly tells the story of Nano Nagle and the city in which she worked to educate and care for the poor. It allows the visitor to explore the incredible spread of the Presentation Order, the changing lives of the sisters who have dedicated their lives to that order and the remarkable work they still carry out as educationalists and campaigners for social justice. Come and visit Nano Nagle Place, get involved and become part of our story.


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