CIT Crawford new website CREATIVE TONIC - created by CCAD Department of Arts in Health & Education

27 March, 2020 

As we search for hope during this challenging time, I believe that within the arts we have unique resources at our disposal to support our own wellbeing and enable others to support theirs. There is no end of news and information that will drag us down and fill us with fear.  Equally there has been a proliferation of social media initiatives from #WeWillDraw #SongsofComfort #OperationStorytime to name a few, and many websites offering mindful support, virtual gallery tours, free online classes, etc. We have all been sent to our computers/smart phones to explore how we can continue to communicate and educate, so a web page seems like an obvious place to bring our creative perspective and offer an alternative narrative.

The Department of Arts in Health & Education have developed a shared space that offers words, images and tools to support and cultivate hope. It also provides links to other websites and spaces to support our psychological wellbeing at this time, acting as a hub for many of the online initiatives. It launches today and can be accessed at  There will also be a link to it through our website. Please use it as a resource for yourselves and share it with others. Contributions are welcome from staff and students. 


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