Two CIT Alumni write and star in productions for Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

20 August, 2018

Two great productions by CIT alumni taking part in this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Emily Hutt - Care Not, Fear Not and Rory Mullen - A Field of Hand Painted Grass have received a great reviews of their productions.

Edinburgh Fring Fest is one of worlds largest arts festivals and it is tesiment to these two directors/ writer/actor/producer their productions in this festival, Emily Hutt is a CIT Cork School of Music alumni in the BA in Drama Theatre Studies, and Rory Mullen a CIT Crawford College of Art & Design alumni of Fine Art.  

For more information on these productions please see link to ed fringe -

Care Not Fear Not /// 

A field of Hand Painted Grass ///


Carla van der Sluijs, review of Care Not, Fear Not, 15 August -

Sally Stott in Scotsman on  A field of Hand Painted Grass, 19 August.



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