CIT CCAD alumni Fiona Kelly exhibits in Mermaid Arts Centre.

20 July, 2018

The Dirt That Measures All Our Time an exhibition of Fiona Kelly's opened at the Merm aid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow last night.

Exhibition continues until 18 August 

Information about Exhition & Artist

Fiona Kelly’s current practice is driven by a contemplation of what has been lost and the transience of things. Her visual outputs have been informed by the common material - dust. She uses dust both materially and theoretically, as a means to explore mans’ interaction with the built environment and the Natural world. Akin to the architectural movement of Bricolage, where the Bricoleur rebuilds using the debris of previous events; Kelly has foraged and utilised materials in a state of rejection to construct fables for the present. The exhibition will include a newly commissioned text by Chris Clarke, Curator of the Glucksman Gallery.

Fiona Kelly holds a MA from the Crawford College of Art & Design and was awarded a 1:1 for her research thesis and accompanying exhibition The Distillation of Dust (2015). Her work has been exhibited in Ireland and internationally, most recently in The Great Heap, (Solo) The Luan Gallery & Leitrim Sculpture Centre; Sustainable Futures, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh; The Dispersed Gallery, Middlesbrough, U.K; Geological Cake, The Burren College of Art & 126 Galway; I Went to the Woods, GLUCKSMAN, Cork; There are Thousands of Taps Dripping, (Solo) Ratamo Galleria, Jyväskylä, Finland.

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