Good Luck to Kevin Callaghan who exhibits at the Doswell Gallery

13 April, 2017

Kevin Callaghan completed an MA at the Royal College of Art, London in 2013, he has multi-disciplinary approach to his practice. Kevin currently lives in Cork and has his studio at The National Sculpture Factory. He runs intense explorative sculpture and ceramic workshops in the UK and Ireland.
Kevin exhibits nationally and internationally. He has shown at Dublin Castle, The London Art Fair, the Saatchi Gallery, the Cynthia Corbett Gallery and the Young Masters Art Prize.
At the Victoria and Albert Museum Callaghan exhibited “What is Luxury” with Unknown Fields Division and Toby Smith which continues to receive extensive press worldwide. It has been featured with an article in the Guardian and the New York Times. Other shows include “GLOBALE: Infosphere” ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany and Van Abbe-museum, Eindhoven, Holland.

Callaghan's work investigates ideas and conjectures about Utopian philosophy and science fiction. He wants to question and address the limitations of the human condition, revealing the simplicity of how we all travel consciously or unconsciously through the third and fourth dimensions of time and space.
These conceptual goals directly reference his concerns with how and where science and the visual experience of art meet. Kevin uses simple universal mathematical structures such as the triangle and square as a point of departure.These are treated in contrasting colours in order to maximize optical dynamism and vibrancy. The geometric structures intertwine, appearing precarious and spontaneous, this dynamic state attempts to question notions of order and chaos.

Callaghan is searching for a means to portray the notion of 'travel' weather interdimensional or as a reality outside and unknown to us all. These visions of new perspectives of high-density reality or non-reality aim to penetrate a kind of outer space comprising a dream like world where reality meets conscious dreaming. In this forward thinking role ideas about anticipatory consciousness are examined and in particular how they connect to or are attached to objective reasoning, allowing questions of curiosity and wonder about the cognitive state to be explored.
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Dream Roads
Dimension L 16 x w 17 x H 65
Materials Ceramic
Photography Sylvain Deleu

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