"From Potential to Performance" launches Website at CIT CSM

01 March, 2017

"From Potential to Performance" launches Website


In 2009, a small group of music lecturers and performers from The Netherlands, Ireland and Australia were invited by staff from the Sibelius Academy, Finland to come together to share and discuss teaching and research work in the beautiful, natural surrounds of the Finnish countryside. What happened during this initial meeting was like a spark igniting a flame. As each one of us spoke about our innovative teaching ideas for practicing and performance planning, it became obvious that there was a common interest and enthusiasm for developing our ideas in an inspiring and supportive way. What united the group was a passion and focus on practical strategies for musicians, such as tips for planning practising, goal setting strategies, mind training techniques, optimal experience ideas and sports coaching concepts. The group of six called ourselves the 'Fellowship' to symbolise our unity of purpose in developing and sharing work to benefit music teachers and students.

We organised to meet over several years at Symposia at our respective Universities under the banner 'From Potential to Performance'. Within this framework, it was determined that the continued development of our work would benefit from the identification and rectification of gaps in our knowledge base. To this end, we invited experts in neuroscience, psychology and research as guest speakers, such as renowned neuroscientist and musician, Professor Eckart Altenmuller, psychologist, Dr Sarah Sinnamon, performer and researcher, Professor Adina Mornell, and sustainable development coach Frank Heckman.
The website 'From Potential to Performance' represents the natural evolution and culmination of the totality of the group's work. It has developed out of our united desire to share and develop practical ideas for all musicians and music teachers in order to inspire each person on their journey towards achieving their own potential.

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