Well Done to CIT CCAD alumni Stephan Hough who is exhibiting in Berlin

11 January, 2017

Stephanie Hough a alumni of CIT CCAD, with BA Hons in Fine, 2005 is exhibiting work as part of Project space of Group Global 3000, Berlin. which is running from13.01.2017 – 10.03.2017, Fridays 17:00-20:00, which will also includes Performances – Talks.


Concept for this show - Traffic noise is omnipresent. The TV tootles at home, HiFi, Radio on the way, Smartphones, mp³-Player, commercial roar in the supermarket. Advertising slides itself optically and acoustically in the picture. Without sound some can’t hold out anymore. Noise stresses and makes us sick. Quietness would be to feel ourselves, to endure, to rest, to recover, to enjoy. Healing. A priceless enrichment.

Involves 18 artists who are showing their positions with objects, photography, painting, graphics, video, sound, performance:
Stephanie Hough, Sandra Araújo, Gudrun Arndt, Yegor Astapchenko, Federico Federici, Francesca Fini, Anne Glassner, Stephan Gräfe, Michael Hess, Geeske Janssen, Anneke Kleimann, Maria Korporal, forschungsgruppe kunst, PRZEPRASZAM, Korvin Reich, Dina Shenhav, Svoradov Theatre, Sarah Wölker

Opening 13th of January, 19:00 with Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin, Metastilistische adhoc-Kammermusik: Connie Voss and Gudrun Doberenz, Voice, Max Stehle, Sax, Hartmut Arweiler, Guitar, Reinhard Gagel Accordion und Artistic Director

Location: Project space of Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Web: http://groupglobal3000.de/
E-Mail: kontakt@groupglobal3000.de
Curators: Javier Pérez-Lanzac / Tom Albrecht

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