CIT CCAD graduate Pascal Ungerer exhibition // Edge of Place

15 September, 2016

Edge of Place // Pascal Ungerer // 15th September – 14th October 2016

Alliance Francaise de Cork

Edge of Place is lens-based audiovisual installation of work, by photographer and artist Pascal Ungerer. The work examines the geo-political landscape of some of the borderland regions within Europe.

Borders form an intersection between society and place and are demonstrative of how people define space in relation to territorial control and ownership.

Borders in Europe are places in flux, morphing from use to non-use; re-emerging as places of contention in the advent of the current border crisis in many European countries. Much of this border landscape still has the remnants of this infrastructure of division and control from times past, lying idle and abandoned, as a testament to the temporality of this environment.

Edge of Place focuses on the ephemeral and cyclical nature of this peripheral landscape, a landscape that is shaped by the legacy of conflict, mobility and division and perpetuated by socio-political change and adaptation.

Admission free – all welcome!

Edge of place by Pascal UngererPascal Ungerer is a photographer and visual artist from Cork. He recently completed a BA (Honours) in Fine Art at the Crawford College of Art & Design, where he achieved a First Class Honours. He was awarded the Alliance Française de Cork Exhibition Prize 2016 and has been accepted onto the MFA course at Goldsmiths in London.

He works primarily in lens-based media, incorporating aspects of photography video and sound as well as other media in a wide-ranging interdisciplinary practice.

Much of his work investigates themes based around historical, socio-political and cultural conditions. One of his main areas of interest is in spatial culture and the inter-relationship between society, space and place, both in a social and political context.

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