CIT CCAD Graduates transform Brown Thomas Windows

09 February, 2016


The windows of Brown Thomas Cork Have Been Transformed into Amazing gallery spaces



'Brown Thomas windows are the most prestigious fantasy retail spaces in Ireland and it is very exciting for Crawford College of Art & Design to work collaboratively with BT’s to provide emerging artists with this space to reach new audiences. ‘

Trish Brennan, Head of Fine Art & Applied Art, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design


 FREE PIC NO REPRO FEE Artists Rachel Doolin, Pauline Gibbons and Andrew Whitelaw pictured as Brown Thomas & CIT Crawford College of Art & Design have collaborated to transform the windows of BT Cork into gallery spaces – Four graduates have created exciting and innovative artworks for Patrick’s Street audience – BT windows are the gallery space and the work is best viewed from Patrick Street.



(Article below is by Jane Lundon, reproduced from RSVP Magazine,

Art & Fashion have many celebrated collaborations; Mondrian with Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol with Karl Lagerfeld, Hussein Chalayan x Gavin Turk, Vanessa Beecroft x Helmut Lang, the milliner Stephen Jones and Cerith Wyn Evans, Jeremy Deller & Yayoi Kusama with Louis Vuitton and the tradition continues. Artists and fashion designers are both visually creative but their reasons for doing so are entirely different

This exciting collaboration is part of on ongoing partnership between CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and Brown Thomas, to present new Art and to celebrate emerging artists. 


The Artists


Through mixed media sculpture & installation Rachel Doolin’s artworks reference science while examining humanities continual pursuit to improve or manipulate nature to suit an industrial model. Ultimately, her work poses the question: How can we define or locate nature in a world that is dominated by productivity? Rachel was the recipient of the prestigious RDS Taylor Art Award 2015, Undergraduate Awards and exhibition awards. 



Pauline Gibbons’ art practice involves a deconstruction and a re-representation of obsolete objects reducing them to their basic components. She transforms the materials in a manner that defeats their obsolescence, creating artworks that explore the properties of the materials. On graduation Gibbons was the recipient of the CIT Science Week Exhibition Award.



Ann Mechelinck’s work seeks to create a dialogue about an illness that too often is left unspoken - depression. She uses paper, exploring the material’s dual fragility and strength as symbolic of the characteristics of depression she has experienced, while the processes of tearing, cutting, mending and sewing visually convey her inner-most feelings, thoughts and emotions. Ann received an Eli Lily Purchase Prize on graduation.



Andrew Whitelaw's practice as a ceramicist centers on the making of a diverse range of contemporary objects – from the functional to the sculptural.

"I always start with the same process, the potter’s wheel being my predominant tool, but my work is never static or fixed and in some ways reflects the multifarious identities of contemporary ceramics. My ideas spring from a complex blending of the abstract to the familiar."


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