Self-Made at Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

25 July, 2014

Unit One present Self-made, an exhibition of live performance, Crawford Art Gallery, Saturday 26 July, 2pm.

2.00 Anne Seagrave The Girl With The Falling Down Stockings
2.30 Fergus Byrne It would be perfect if you didn't breathe
3.30 Debbie Guinnane Her, Subject, to Ellipse

Self-made is an exhibition of live performance focusing on physicality, looking at the body as form sculpted through daily life practices. The artists Anne Seagrave, Fergus Byrne and Debbie Guinnane will each perform amongst Greco-Roman sculpture casts made circa 1816 by Canova from originals in the Vatican Museum at the Crawford’s Sculpture Galleries. The sculpture galleries serve as an apt to reframe contemporary questions around the body and the figurative in an art historical context.

Each of the artists in the show will perform their work themselves allowing their physical presence to remain within their finished work. Anne Seagrave’s work asks if performance art is an act of self-portraiture and whether an artist’s use of self-image in a live art context contributes to the re-evaluation of the importance of the art object? Debbie Guinnane uses exercise equipment as instruments for becoming. She will use an elliptical machine and clay to explore processes of creation on the body. Her work is improvised, following the material and actions within her performance to a point of transformation. Fergus Byrne will present his body as a living breathing subject, apt to change and resistant to the classical poise. Byrne’s performance work is heavily underpinned by a visual art practice in which the observation and drawing of the figure is fundamental.

Self-made is part of a series of exhibitions looking at different aspects of the history of performance art practice as it has developed in Ireland and at how it is practiced today. This exhibition was produced with the support of The Arts Council of Ireland, with special thanks to Dawn Williams, Elena Rossi, Victoria Evans and staff of the Crawford Art Gallery, The Guest House and the Avant Festival team for their support.

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