Moving Bodies Butoh Festival comes to Cork!

16 July, 2014

International Moving Bodies Butoh Dance Theatre Festival - Ireland, Italy, Scotland

Moving Bodies as an international touring festival arriving in CORK 17-20 July: Firkin Crane - Performances and Workshops open to All!

The tour space creates a rare opportunity for performing arts professionals and students to work with Japanese and European artists, while also facilitating an encounter for peripheral European audiences who are rarely exposed to contemporary Japanese performing arts, as part of their outreach programme.

The project is intended as an exercise in cultural diplomacy and intercultural development fostering mutual understanding through cultural participation in our universal humanity, and prior specificities such as the Irish influence through Francis Bacon from the founder of Butoh, Hijikata through to current artists such as Yumiko Yoshioka, Ken Mai, Natsuko Kono and the European Ambra G. Bergamasco, Paul Michael Henry and Yuri Dini supported by the renowned lighting designer Conleth White and Production Manager Marie Tierney.

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Win free tickets!

Creatively get your Butoh juices glowing and even slowing, and be the special holders of 2 free tickets to Dublin/ Cork performances and 50% off workshops.

Enter this competition:

What is your Butoh style? Send a 2 minute video of your hand or foot dancing in the stages of Butoh expression, from collapse to blossom:  " Inside centre body-worlds collapse, fall into themselves; to unravel – restore -blossom".

Send us your winning Butoh movements at: 




Best full Butoh video expression will be posted on our website!


Special Offers

Festival Workshop Pass 140 E

(2 days/ 4 practitioners/4 contrasting Butoh styles)

Festival Performances Pass 24 E

( 5 performances with Ken Main, Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, Natsuko Kono, Paul Michael Henry)

Free admission - Opening Performance, Francis Bacon Butoh Dance, next to his revived studio, 2pm 26th July @ Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

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