2014 Summer Graduate Show at Sarah Walker Gallery

01 July, 2014

Bubble Wrap 2014 GRADUATE SHOW
12 – 26 July | Opening: 12 July at 2pm
Sarah Walker Gallery, The Pier, Castletownbere, Co. Cork
Opening hours are 11 – 6pm everyday

This year's Summer Show is a selection of work from graduates of the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design; Dublin Institute of Technology, both Dublin and Sherkin Island courses represented; Limerick School of Art and Design; Galway Mayo Institute of Technology; and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Selected artists include two recent graduates from CIT CCAD:

Miroslava Pavelkova, CIT CCAD, Photography

Mona O'Driscoll, DIT Sherkin, Photography, Mixed Media

Luke Fogarty, DIT, Dublin, Film Installation

Barry Mullins, LSAD, Limerick, Photography

Magdalena Blom, NCAD, Dublin, Photography, Sculpture

Niall Murphy, GMIT Galway, Ceramics

Roisin Bohan, CIT CCAD, Photography & Film


Bubble Wrap  is the Summer Graduate show at Sarah Walker Gallery, The Pier, Castletownbere. Artists surprise us by injecting mystery into ordinary things. The familiar and the everyday object is turned on its head.

The show is dominated by the medium of the photographic image. We take photographs of ordinary things to capture a moment, a scene, a feeling. Photography can be a wonderful vehicle for expressing curiosity, gratitude and spontaneity in our daily lives.

Mona O’Driscoll, a native of Sherkin Island, Co. Cork gets underneath the skin of the humble bubble. She delights the viewer with fascinating ink drawings which are the traces which remain when a cluster of bubbles settle and then burst on a page.

Mona told me about the time spent on Cow’s Strand on Skerkin Island where she captured the image of a still bubble in the mid-morning light. The large photographic image entitled ‘The Bubble’ captures the imagination and I begin to ask myself questions about how it remains intact, and how it came to be in the first place. Childlike wonder and yet this is where art and science collide to provide us with explanations – or we can just keep dreaming up answers.

The theme of transience is continued in Magdalena Blom’s work entitled ‘Homebound’ – she explores the mystery of the migratory creatures in oceans and rivers and the notion of putting down roots. Blom, born in Sweden, relates this to "the ambiguity of human’s relationship to nature – the distance, as well as human’s inherited connection with it.”

Miraslava Pavelkova uses light and shadow in a more abstract way to represent the feeling of human isolation and how that affects our perception of the world we move in.

‘Clare Glens’ by Barry Mullins is a series of double-exposed photographic images by Barry Mullins. This layering of images in nature is enchanting.

Roisín Bohan offers a quirky perspective on Rothko’s minimal paintings. Her larger-than-life photographic prints of spreadable colour on slices of plain bread are controlled and still manage to be refreshingly bold.

Luke Fogarty, based in Dublin, has constructed a funfair setting to allow the viewer to interact with his work. He is interested in ‘the effect this viewer participation has on the experience.’ His piece is entitled ‘The Immanuel Kant Sublime Chorus, the Kiss and the Artist is dead!’

The exhibition opens at 2pm on Saturday 12th July and includes new works in the gallery mezzanine by Niall Murphy, Pat Galvin and Grainne Stewart, ceramic artists and jewellery by Lorna Doyle and Maria Parsons.

Please view  www.sarahwalkergallery.com for further images and details.


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