Simon English exhibits at Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague

17 June, 2014

Exchange exhibition with Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague and Cross Gallery, Dublin featuring CIT CCAD lecturer Simon English


A group show featuring the works of Claire Carpenter, and Simon English, Rens Krikhaar, Justin Wijers.

Saturday 14 June  - Sunday 6 July 2014,

Address: Herderstraat 6, NL-2512 CV The Hague, The Netherlands
tel 0031.70.3640151 fax 0031.70.3644383
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On a small panels, Claire Carpenter paints layered images with human
figures and natural shapes emerging from the background. Because of the delicate
shades and veiled appearance of the pictures, they conjure up associations with
memories or dreams in which the images slowly unveil themselves.

In his water color paintings, Simon English portrays tranquil, nightly views
of airports and terminals, consciously playing with the scale of the depicted
objects. On purpose, airplanes are disproportionately large or buildings too small,
creating an alienating, sometimes uneasy tension in the image.

Rens Krikhaar breathes new life into the traditional seascape genre. With intensely black pencil he draws ships and naval battles that, because of spectacular explosions
and stylized waves, have an unmistakably contemporary feel.

Justin Wijers draws victims of violent crimes and traffic accidents from pictures he finds on the internet. By using attractive colors and adding details, he seduces the spectator to look at the image intensely, confronting him with a reality they would otherwise turn away from.


Simon English. The Great Journey, 2014, watercolour on paper, 40 x 60 cm

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