One to Watch - Mag Mell

26 May, 2014

   Mag Mell   
An absolutely unique Irish experience

Mag Mell is a powerfully moving dramatic show filled with sensational visuals, stirring newly composed music and exuberant dance. It is a creative adaption of old Irish ghost & folk tales that tells a truly modern story.

Welcome to the mythical island of Mag Mell off the west coast of Ireland. An isle fabled for eternal peace and happiness is about to be rocked as the greed and materialism of the 21st Century collide with the ancient wisdom and beauty of Mother Earth.

With the help of characters drawn from the world of fairies and ghosts, Mother Earth, in the guise of the Bean Feasa (Wise Woman), responds by unleashing all of her creative energies, her fury, her pain, her vision and her compassion, as she strives to save the island of Mag Mell from destruction.

A wild mix of dance, music, theatre and puppetry give expression to these whirling forces as they lead to a climax of transformation and ultimately redemption.
Theatrically captivating from the start, the show creates a carnival atmosphere - dark, dangerous and anarchic at times, light, happy and delightful too. Humor abounds! There is no time to think as you enter a mesmerizing world of music, colour and rhythm and become absorbed by a thrilling story that unfolds with originality and imagination.

Walk into this new and exciting landscape that is the result of a unique collaboration by Jon Kenny (actor), Des Dillon (artist), Benny McCarthy (musician) and Conal Ó Gráda (musician).

The show is presented by Whobeganit Theatre Co. Ltd., founded by Jon Kenny (actor & comedian), Des Dillon (artist & puppeteer), Benny McCarthy (accordion player & composer of Danu) and Conal Ó Gráda (flute player & composer). They are joined by Colm Murphy (renowned bodhrán player), Ciaran Ó Maonaigh (fiddle player & TG 4 Young Musician of the year 2003), Caitlín Nic Gabhann (concertina player & award winning dancer from Riverdance) and Katie Holly (actor & singer/songwriter).

The show comes to Everyman, Cork this Friday 30 May, for tickets and more information please visit:


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