07 May, 2014

Following the success of the first IRON-R Project in 2012, the National Sculpture Factory in partnership with CIT/CCAD, hosted IRON-R 2 in April 2014.

The primary aim of this ongoing project is to explore and engage with the often over looked medium of iron, this exploration is aimed at utilizing the medium in relation to contemporary ideas and debates that surround current sculptural practices.

The IRON-R project, initiated and lead by artist and lecturer (CIT/CCAD) James L. Hayes, presents a rare opportunity for artists to take part in every step of the near-obsolete cast-iron process. The six-day intensive project will guide the artist through each step of the cast-iron process from sand-mould casting to charging the cupola and pouring the molten metal, all within the dynamic environment of the National Sculpture Factory. The project will be lead by world-leading cast-iron artists including Matt O’Toole (Savannah College Art and Design), Andy Griffiths (Carmarthen College) and James L Hayes (CIT/CCAD).

Read more about this project here:

Below are some images captured over the course of this years workshop:


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