CIT Registrar's Development Bursary Exhibition 2014

25 March, 2014


The 2014 Cork Institute of Technology Registrar’s Development Bursary Exhibition “Altered States” opens in the James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus on March 19th where it runs until April 4th. The Registrar's Development Bursary is awarded to support the professional development of CIT CCAD graduates at the beginning of their careers. This exhibition is supported by Cork Film Centre

The three artists Mark Buckeridge, Anna Dudek and Cliodhna O’Riordan, are graduates in BA Fine Art from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and exemplify the challenging, innovative, experimental and thought-provoking spirit of the best graduates. Taking on issues of personal and universal significance, and working to develop unique and effective languages in their respective practices, each refuses to be bound by convention.

Mark Buckeridge presents a composed performance and installation, working in the fields of composition, performance, drawing and other visual formats. Previous work and releases include a critically acclaimed EP "Ground Yourself" (2012) which used a diverse range of instruments and "I could use this knife but I won't" (2013), part of CIT CCAD Degree Show 2013, music composed for twenty objects with live performance and audience accompaniment.

Anna Dudek’s work is 4-Channel HD video installation. Using performance, video and photography as visual art forms; she draws our attention to the consequences of family, religious, social-cultural and political background. She explores memory, trauma and accumulation of experience, within her personal history. The body is her subject and medium.

After completing a six-month residency in the Backwaters Artist Group studios, Cliodhna O’Riordan has now begun the MA:AP in CIT Crawford College of Art & Design. Working primarily in video and installation, her practice examines the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the human inability to find any, ultimately failure. The work exhibited is a selection from a series of experimental videos, which explore the idea of Absurdism. They are simple, seemingly pointless, endeavours.

“Altered States” opens in the James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus on March 19th, where it runs until April 4th. The Exhibition is free and runs from Monday to Friday 10:30am - 4:00pm, Wednesday & Thursday until 8:00pm.

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Dr. Barry O’Connor, Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs; Anna Dudek, artist, Award recipient; Trish Brennan, Head of Fine Art at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design; Mark Buckeridge, artist, Award recipient; Cliodhna O’Riordan, artist, Award recipient; Sarah C. Morey, CIT Arts Officer.  Photo Darragh O’Kane.


Anna Dudek with her work. Photo Darragh O’Kane.


Cliodhna O’Riordan with her work. Photo Darragh O’Kane.


Mark Buckeridge with his work. Photo Darragh O’Kane.


Performance of Mark Buckeridge’s work during the Opening Event. Three performers follow written instructions to perform the piece, lasting approx. 15 minutes.  Instructions for performing the work are left in the space, and visitors are invited to play it during the run of the exhibition.
Photo Darragh O’Kane.


Viewing the performance from outside the James Barry Exhibition Centre.  Photo Darragh O’Kane.

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