Traces by Art Group 7

14 January, 2014

Open tomorrow, Wednesday from 10am 'Traces' by Art Group 7 at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery. The launch reception will take place on Friday at 7pm. All welcome!

Exhibition runs January 15th - February 8th
Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 6pm

The exhibiting artists are Daniel Sexton, Mark Ewart, Declan O’Meara, Zara McDaid, Tracy Cronin, Sandra Norris, and Evelyn Egan Rainy.

The artists became a group through their work as art educators. They each teach art related disciplines at second level, third level and in community based settings.

The group’s artworks are an investigation into personal representation. The revival of past traditions or events is important. The work deals with the documentation of events in life and the question of how they can be presented, thematically through various materials like paint, sculpture, but also through the use of memory and the projection of these traces into our past. Traces is an attempt to seek out and participate in the narratives of the artists. Thus investigating the traces left and the marks made.

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