Petrina Shortt


Let Us Pretend that Life is a Solid Substance, 2022

Petrina Shortt

  • Casein paint and Pencil on Wood Panel
  • 118 x 168cm  
  • Casein paint and pencil on wood panel, 2022, 118 x 168cm  

    Artist Statement:

    My practice takes the form of drawing, print, painting and sculpture. It is concerned with looking at ways in which we can uncover and know a specific place, while at the same time asking broader questions about belonging and ecological guardianship.

    The work explores visible and eroded histories, those that exist deep within the landscape, using environmental geography and the interplay of elements as a guide. The work gathers moments of time in one place. It is a layering of temporal experiences; the tidal, seasonal, geological and human. 


    Instagram: @petrinashortt_art