Sara Gotowska


Untitled 3, 2021

Sara Gotowska

  • White wool/viscose felt, Batik dyes (powder), silk cocoon strippings, fabric starch(powder) & small beads
  • My work is based on the Wabi Sabi philosophy, the ‘perfect imperfection’.


    I look at and examine objects that are viewed as “ugly”, “unattractive”  or “disturbing” encouraging  the viewer to see a deeper meaning in the objects and focus on the way things are, rather than how they should be, seeing the beauty within.


    On a deeper level my work deals with human imperfections, how certain experiences from our past can cause scars and damage to us physically and mentally, realizing the beauty from something that’s “broken” and “imperfect”.


    Currently my work deals with beauty and decay, the acceptance of the natural cycle of growth, decay and death and bringing out the hidden beauty.


    I use mixed media in my work but mainly I work with textile materials such as, fabrics, fibres, handmade paper and different types of dyes (both natural and artificial).