Síofra Holyland

  • Síofra Holyland

  • Orchid Purple Chair
  • 2019
  • Digital print suede vision fabric
  • Artist Statement

    My work has always dealt with the experimentation of colour and pattern. By using universal subject matters to generate my designs it has allowed my work to become more focused and refined. The main themes seen throughout my patterns is nature, growth and texture.

    I like to play with all of the possible colour combinations and colour schemes there is. This helps me to choose which one best suit’s the pattern created. I believe that each colour conveys their own mood and characteristics.

    I create my designs by combining components of hand drawing and photoshop. Once the pattern is complete and the colouration is decided it is then printed onto to fabric where further manipulation takes place. I often use hand stitching and embroidery to add texture and dimension to the work.

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