Pauline Gibbons

  • Pauline Gibbons

  • Untitled
  • 2015
  • Photopolymer Print
  • 51 x 38 cm unframed
  • Awarded CIT Science Week Award 2015

    Artist Statement

    Light has preoccupied artists for centuries. Leonardo de Vinci wrote volumes about the importance of light in rendering nature; Romantic artists described the sublime through light and others, from Russian painters to modern artists, used  abstract forms to account for a divine or inner light. My practice is concerned with light as performer, conjuring a material rendition of the immaterial.

    The artist, James Turrell once stated that ‘Light is not so much something that reveals as it is itself the revelation’.

    My practice involves a deconstruction and re-presentation of an obsolete everyday object, reducing it to basic components and reconfiguring the constituent parts to transform the materiality of the objects in a manner that defeats their obsolescence.  Through the medium of video, projection, installation and printmaking, I seek to explore and interrogate the properties of these materials. Applying light as a tool for drawing, transitions from the familiar to the unfamiliar, it excites me and informs the ambiguous reading of my work.  The materiality and the process of my practice or interrogations play with the notion of creating temporary situations using shadow and light, reflections and refractions through the combination of purposefully sourced materials and curiosity.

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