The MTU Art Collection is a varied and interesting collection of artworks in a wide variety of media.

Managed by MTU Arts Office, the Collection includes the Registrar’s Collection, Prize Collections, Gifts, and works acquired by other departments of MTU.

Artworks in the MTU Collection are displayed in public spaces, teaching rooms, and offices throughout MTU.


Registrar's Collection

The Registrar’s Office has been building the collection actively for over a decade, through purchases from the annual CIT Crawford College of Art & Design 4th year Degree Shows, and now forms the majority of the overall CIT Collection. The Registrar feels strongly that supporting graduates in this way provides a significant boost to them at the early stages of their careers, and benefits the entire college as the Collection is displayed throughout the Institute.

The reasons to develop this collection were many - to support the Fine Art and Ceramic Design graduates at the beginning of their careers, to enhance the physical environment of the CIT; to increase the artistic awareness of the wider student population, and to raise awareness of the presence of the Crawford College of Art & Design as a constituent school of CIT; and to introduce other departments of CIT to the mutual benefits of supporting artists.” - Mr. Brendan Goggin, Registrar Emeritus CIT


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