MAKE Symposium

7th March 2014
10 am - 5 pm
MAKE Symposium


7th March 2014 | 10am – 5pm
CIT Cork School of Music

Hosted by CIT Crawford College of Art and Design in association with the BA (Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts: Ceramics/Glass/Textiles
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The symposium will look at our relationship to objects, to making; our awareness through touch of our world of matter.

Exploring ideas of making in Art and Technology with distinguished speakers from the fields of textile art, ceramics, digital technology, and science. We are bringing low-tech and high-tech makers together to explore deeply the making process itself, how it connects us in our response to the physical world; how our open-ended material dialogue and experimentation is the same, no matter if we are closely hand-stitching into cloth, or engaged in hands-on discoveries with the components of open-source electronics. We hope to find synergies, insights, inspiration, as two parallel making worlds meet.



o Lesley Millar, MBE, International textile art curator, author, and academic; Professor of Textile Culture; Director, Anglo Textile Japanese Research Centre, University for the Creative Arts, London.

o Fran Hegarty, MSc, Clinical Teacher in Medicine, Trinity College; Principal Physicist, St. James Hospital, Dublin.

o Trevor Hogan, CIT CCAD Department of Media Communications; PhD researcher at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany.

o Ingrid Murphy, Subject Leader for Ceramics and maker at the National Centre for Ceramics in Wales at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

o Kieran Nolan, Lecturer in Creative Media with the School of Informatics and Creative Arts at Dundalk Institute of Technology; PhD candidate in Digital Arts and Humanities at the Arts Technology Research Lab and GV2 group, Trinity College, Dublin.

o Alice Kettle, embroidery artist and Research Associate at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Keynote speaker - Lesley Millar - Touching to Know, Knowing to Touch

Millar will discuss the fundamental significance of textural experience. Using textile as an example, she will examine how haptic knowledge may be developed through intimacy with those surfaces that invite the centrifugal shift from the analytical gaze to the experiential touch.

Keynote speaker- Alice Kettle - The Feel of Stitch

Kettle will cover the emotional impact of stitch, its transformative impact on maker as well as material.

The symposium will take place at the Stack Theatre, CIT Cork School of Music, Union Quay, Cork.

Additional Information

o MAKE Symposium takes place in conjunction with an exhibition of contemporary textiles in CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery. The exhibition Things/Daiktai came about through an artistic exchange project between CIT Crawford College of Art and Design Textiles Students and Kaunus Art Institute of Art of Vilnius Academy of the Arts, Lithuania.

o Lesley Millar Biography

After a career as a successful studio practitioner (weave) Prof. Millar has spent the last 20 years engaged in a wide research practice in three specific areas: textile installations within the built environment (the texturing of space); the transition from traditional practice and its influence on contemporary practice; the use of textiles as an expression of cultural particularity. Her research outcomes have taken the form of curated major international exhibitions: Revelation (1996-8), Textural Space (2001), Through the Surface (2004-5), 21:21- NUNO textiles (2005-7), Cloth & Culture Now (2008), Cultex (2009-11, Lost in Lace (2011-12), Cloth and Memory (2013). Since 2006 she has also been exploring the importance of haptic knowledge as a means of understanding and communication (Haptic--Awakening the Senses [RIBA 2008]; and papers Memory and Touch [RSA 2007], and Let Your Fingers Do The Reading [RCA 2010]). She is currently leading an EU Culture project with partners in Italy, Denmark, Greece and Poland titled 'Transparent Boundaries', which is concerned with increasing the visibility of the Elder.

o Fran Hegarty Biography

Fran Hegarty’s principal work involves the application of high technology in medicine, leading multidisciplinary projects within St James concerned with facility development and implementation of health informatics systems. His research interests include physiological measurement, medical optics, clinical engineering, assisted living technologies & art in health. In 2004 he was a partner in the Open Window Project at St. James, an art and technology intervention in the National Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.


o Kieran Nolan Biography

Kieran Nolan is a lecturer, artist-researcher, designer and educationalist. He teaches with the Section of Creative Media at Dundalk Institute of Technology’s School of Informatics and Creative Arts, and is a PhD candidate in Digital Arts and Humanities with the GV2 group and Arts Technology Research Lab at Trinity College, Dublin. He uses open source hardware technologies in his creative media teaching and assessment, and also as part of his own artistic practice. Kieran’s PhD explores the collision of videogame aesthetics, new media art, and interaction design, through a series of experimental game based explorations.

Web: Twitter: @kierannolan


o Trevor Hogan Biography

With a background in product design and interactive media, Trevor has an
ongoing interest in the User Experience surrounding the point in space or
time where humans interact with a computational device, from a press,
click, point, drag, drop, to a touch, tap, swipe and on to a smile, frown,
blink or thought. Trevor is currently registered as an external PhD
researcher at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany under the
supervision of Professor Dr. Eva Hornecker. The overall aim of his
research is to describe and understand how embodiment influences and
augments an audience’s experience of data driven artefacts. It also seeks
to explore whether embodying data in physical metaphors contributes to
an audience’s capacity to construct meaning at its interface.

hp: tw: @tactiledata e:

o Alice Kettle Biography

Alice Kettle exhibits internationally in large-scale works of stitch, which feature in many major UK public collections and commissions, including her mammoth 16.5 X 3 metre embroidered work for Winchester Discovery Centre in 2007. She has also been active as initiator and co-curator of the Making It project held in Winchester, UK, in 2012. Making It was conceived to champion craft and making through activities, exhibitions, installations, workshops, seminars, education, and literary projects. It sought to enhance a broader understanding of the value of hand-making and of individual creativity. As culmination of this project the I-Book Making Stories was published in 2013 with a range of essays edited by Alice Kettle along with the filmmakers Insa Langhorst and Huw Wahl.

o Ingrid Murphy Biography

Ingrid Murphy was born and educated in Cork, Ireland and has lived and
worked in the UK since 1990.

Ingrid is a practicing ceramic artist and educator whose work is exhibited
and published internationally. Having worked in Art & Design education
for over 20 years, Ingrid was Head of Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan
University from 2007-2013. Influenced by her own research in 2011 Ingrid
developed a curriculum for trans-discipline making, which specifically
explores the combination of traditional skills and new technology and she
now leads the new Artist, Designer: Maker subject area within the
university. In 2013 Ingrid was awarded the University’s student – led
Teaching Fellowship for Innovation.

Ingrid’s research and practice deals with the synergies between traditional
skills and new technologies. She explores how both the application and
ideology of new technologies can influence the ways in which we conceive,
produce and perceive the crafted object. In 2010 she was a recipient of
the Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales award for individual practice.

10 am - 5 pm