CelloGraffitti - CIT Urban Art Society create work live on campus

22 May, 2013

On Monday, CIT students took a deserved break from exam study, pushing the boundaries on campus by setting up a temporary installation.  An innovative way of bringing the art form on campus and giving beginners an opportunity to develop their creative spray paint skills.

Developed in 2006 by graffiti loving Fine Art graduates Astro & Kanos in Paris as a legal alternative to graffiti, this new and still fairly underground form of art is just starting to emerge as an ambient marketing trend, particularly within Europe.
The main plus point to this innovative new artform – its versatility. In terms of location, cello-graffiti works can appear almost anywhere there are two sturdy pillars that can be bound together to form the canvas; The cellophane also produces an eye catching backdrop as opaque versions catch the light making colors pop, whilst transparent backgrounds make artworks appear as if they are floating on air.


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