Open submission call out for 'Post-it', a billboard poster project for Impact8

11 May, 2013

 Cork Printmakers and CIT Crawford College of Art & Design present: POST-IT A Collabrative Print Project between Cork Printmakers and CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, selected to be presented at the major print symposium IMPACT8 in Dundee, Scotland, from 28 August - 01 September 2013.

Please see for further details.

The idea for this project grew from a series of meetings between Cork Printmakers and CIT Crawford College of Art & Design. We wanted to find a way to explore the links between the two organisations, allow relationships and ideas to flourish through discussion, making and finally, displaying the end result. This project is to be a conduit for the dissemination of thoughts and ideas on cultural, philosophical, spiritual, whimsical and the sublime - when you see a poster site that is not telling you what to buy, where to go, who to trust, it carries the impact of the unexpected. Given Ireland's and Europe's current economic crises, the project may also give a new, unique voice or perspective to some of these concerns.

The idea is to use 100 poster sites to display work across the City of Dundee for the duration of the IMPACT8. This will allow maximum visual impact for both the artists and the viewers. We have chosen poster-sites because they are immediate, they help to take the artwork out of its usual context and setting and seeing images produced in such a way is both exciting and fresh for both organisations. There is a strong tradition of artists using or referencing the graphic format and typography of advertising i.e. Jenny Holzer's Trueisms, Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha and in more recent years David Shrigley, Superflux and more.

The project will be supported and prefaced by a series of artists' talks to be hosted by CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and Cork Printmakers in the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Sharman Crawford Street building, each Wednesday Lunchtime for the month of May.


Cork Printmakers and CIT Crawford College of Art & Design invite artists through an OPEN CALL SUBMISSION to participate in this exciting project. 100 poster sites in prominent location in relation to Dundee University, the venue for IMPACT8 have been secured through a partnership with Street-Art, a poster-site company based in Dundee.

THEME: One of the themes of IMPACT8 is 'Borders and Crossings: The Artist as Explorer'. You can take this theme in a literal manner with reference to cultural, geographical and political exploration or reference it in the many ways artist explore areas of interest to them.

FORMATTING: The dimensions of the poster sites are 40cm X 60cm, Portrait orientation. The artwork can be in any 2D meduim, but all artworks MUST be submitted in digital format (JPEG). Please note: poster sites are being rented from private advertising corporations who have the contractual right to refuse images submitted for display if they deem them inappropriate. Depictions of nudity, profanity and libellous content may be rejected and corporate images and logos cannot be used without express written consent from any such entity. If there is doubt as to whether or not the content of a submission will be accepted, you may contact us with any considerations.


How to Submit:

Please POST your submission, marked IMPACT8, to Cork Printmakers, Wandesford Quay, Cork.

Digital images on disc as JPEG images, no more than 2MB per image OR A4 sized JPEG images of artworks ONLY*.

A maximum of one image per artwork, and three artworks per submission via post to the address above, labelled and including all relevant details and a short biography (no more then 200 words).

Submission images will NOT be returned. Please note that NO EMAIL OR WEBSITE SUBMISSIONS will be accepted.

*selected artworks will be requested at higher resolution for commercial printing purposes. We will provide appropriate instruction once the selection is made.



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